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Champion dota2 king of fighters furnace stone

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life on the game, the game on the fun. Every night at 7 o'clock, Meng Da sister paper, you play the game ["7" compilation]

after a long wait, the 4 "several DLC radiation finally released. Before B society, like squeezing toothpaste, the introduction of a little content every month, and now the "radiation 4" is enough to complete. Has been busy picking up trash on the waste land, you can truly experience the "radiation 4", "full version", bid farewell to the version of the castration! < p > in addition, B agency also said they "far Hong DLC produced the largest map expansion pack, contains a series of new tasks, settlements, biology, dungeons and high-level equipment, so much content is also quite strong, should worth the ticket price ~

today, Japanese media Dengeki online discloses the KOF 14" day version release date: August 25, 2016. It's 4 months from now. Only for the Japanese version, the Japanese version of Oh, the other version of the sale date has not been announced. The KOF 14 "optional game characters up to more than 50, including SNK dragon gal," honey honey and khukri, full lineup role may open. As the latest series, this game with 3D effects, but not to be internationally about ~

again into internationally hot search words, the absolute field, "into focus of the forum. All said the domestic animation is not a mouse is a sheep, but recently the human development of the animation "absolute field" was highly praised. "Absolute field" and "great wars" and "absolute field wars", has become a hot search term animation forum. It makes a all the players in a B of station of station shouting: Chinese animation to rise ~

animation hand tour of the same name by 2D cartoon style, people more Q cute, adorable, players will play animation of the three protagonists, on campus hegemony, by destroying science slag, PI accumulation experience, more can tease sister skills, learning, the Raiders all beauty ~ curtilage culture inheritance researchers can consider started ~

first boy play the universal gunfight "brush to follow her mother more than 9000 yuan, write ious will be paid in installments. Bear children play the game brush off their parents pay cards are not uncommon, but this time these children will be punished to pay a penalty to pay off debts". The first boy

Howard recently hooked on shooting Mobile Games, a week ago secretly with his mother to buy Alipay equipment, spent more than 9000 yuan. Later, the small Hao parents and children also agreed to the bill: by doing housework and improve performance in order to get a reward, deductible bills. For example, "the dishes 10 yuan, cook 5 yuan, 20 yuan", "floor" mathematics exam 95 points more than 100 yuan"...... The parents want their children to "long memory", that money is not easily. It is expected that the son will be able to pay off his mother's debt within two years.

this is a novel punishment for bear children. Can say, out of the mix sooner or later is also ha ~ new daddy nanny who can get the skills of the wood?

rewards and punishment and that everyone should pay for misconduct ~ the street fighter 5 "ancient lie at the end of the regression, the new DLC new disciplinary system. Capcom announced a few days ago, street fighter 5 will be in this month launched the second downloadable content ushered in the new role of the ancient strong (guile), free for all players selected. Guile is one of a series of iconic characters, the debut as early as in street fighter 2. In addition, this DLC will also usher in a new angry exit system, the high rate of these players will be punished for a period of time to freeze!

what is "7 point look"? Is the interest to engage in small Sao years, purpose of his disgusting, entertaining others sincerely, record the interest to engage in a wonderful day, offer the new travel hodgepodge.


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