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" in the past few years, the gaming industry is far less popular now, but also in a few years, he almost single handedly, the public is not able to get full understanding of the field of gaming, as Chinese gaming, win the world's highest honor. This is a group of people, they are only the arena; they are only a game, when Li Xiaofeng first let the five-star red flag flying at the peak of the world e-sports, Sky has become the first emperor of countless young people have gaming dream memories of youth, who inspired the legend generation game player the panda will also open a new journey of their own live broadcast, the continuation of this memory.

live broadcast time: October 6th


" it is reported that SKY will broadcast Yuezhan Luna moon, two bit war3 legend, the game, the reproduction of "wood wars". One is won the WCG finals champion, a recognized the best players in the uncrowned king, 2012WCG at the end of the war if you still feel sorry wood? Don't be sad, come live with the pandas, meet your audience again! As for the a commonplace talk of an old scholar is stronger or weaker, along with the growth, is no longer so important. What we can do is in the barrage, both for refueling. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" Li Xiaofeng (SKY), electronic athletics professional players, titanium technology founder.

2001 has become one of the main Home corps, in 2004, war3 became

2005, 2006 players, two consecutive WCG (Electronic Sports World Finals) Warcraft project champion, known as the "king of warcraft". SKY on behalf of the world's highest level of electronic sports WCG achieved remarkable achievements, the first time to let the five star red flag flying in the world's highest electronic competitive. Sky is the world's first defending WCG Warcraft project, and entered the WCG Hall of fame, and BOXER and other electronic sports predecessors enjoy the same high honor.

" on natural and ultimately to fan feedback benefits, SKY will also be in the studio, micro-blog sent 88 a 100 yuan red envelope, iPhone7 nature is less off, watch live win benefits, there are more happy than this.?

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