Wu Yifan Li Yifeng did not attend the charity dinner suspected of donation

Murder dinner Li Chen Guo Degang

baguaxiansheng· 2016-10-05 22:43:06

today, Mr. eight to talk about a charity event triggered by the entertainment "murder".

this charity itself may not be many people concerned, but because there are a lot of stars to attend, so it has aroused concern. Mr.

asked eight to awaken your memory, such as Yang Mi Liu Shishi and Liu Yifei Liu Shishi, interactive frame with frame size

Angelababy slightly bulging suspected pregnant you

pregnant Ruby Lin attended the event in a red dress size

" of the news, because these stars attended a [] charity bazaar charity night. Look at the star group photo, you love the star is likely to come in

, the charity bazaar" held to invite stars to attend, will undoubtedly make itself by more and more people pay attention to. But a lot of times, both the media and fans, the focus is only on the star body.

for example, everyone is concerned about how Yang Mi Liu Shishi with you

" Wu Yifan Li Yifeng turned the audience so how handsome

" so many people seem to forget. The purpose of this activity is to help people in need.

night bazaar charity was founded in 2003 during the SARS event, then gradually developed into a charity project, in 2015 raised 41 million 700 thousand, from a micro-blog 3, you can see that this year to raise donations amounting up to 75 million 260 thousand

, sparked entertainment "murder".

bazaar issued this micro-blog, not only the total number of public donations, public donation details all star. A publicity, some [why TA did not donate] [TA why donate so little] the sound of the emergence of.

eight today saw a piece of news, saying that the star is to donate and do not donate the problem. The news that flowers only Zhao Liying donated, Li Yifeng Wu Yifan attended but not to donate so "img_box" id= "

" on micro-blog, some people even direct statistics which stars donated, which star didn't donate so

"the statistics, fans exploded, have said not moral kidnapping. Before the evaluation of this matter, let's take a look at what the public bazaar.

first of all, is the details of the auction and donation. Huang Bo, Xu Zheng, Chen He, Li Chen, in this part we contributed a total of 5 million 200 thousand

" Mr. eight above mentioned that only Zhao Liying gave [small] news, from the picture below. Guo Degang, Huang Xiaoming baby, Zhao Liying, Zhang Yixing, Jolin and other stars have donated 700 thousand or more of the amount we

" and then donated is not present outside, bazaar Charity Night activities but also made contributions to the star for the event including Yang Yang, Amber Kuo, etc. so Luhan

< /p> and some friends to see some stars attended the event did not appear in the list of donations, they scolded, such as donation activities rub.

but many people are very easy to ignore the third picture, is the online donation and charity donation platform sweater also has a star so

on the output of these online stars do what?

like Yang Mi, for the first time live is to do public service so

" but that the news with a Yang Miwei public broadcast, focus on the Yang Mi live performance so

" Liu Yifei also conducted a live public print "img_box" id= "

" said Liu Yifei live style is very elegant, really only painting, not how to speak. Look at the title, who would pay attention to Liu Yifei this is in public so

" is not in the list of donations and Victoria Song, but they also have to participate in public service broadcast

users is straightforward, made a list of statistics for star [bazaar Charity Night] with what we

" to explain the eight mr..

showed that the donation amount and auction, representative in the donation, to participate in the auction; the

show "live" on behalf of, like Yang Mi and Liu Yifei that took part in the public broadcast;

display on behalf of Tencent, for online fundraising solicitation activities amounting to

" display sweater 6 stars, on behalf of the star wearing campaign design sweater sale amounting to

" so that [no] is really just to rub without love we do charity

in eight Mr impression, Sun Li is not the kind of people who rub heat. She had a shop to open his own publicity on micro-blog, but this shop is selling the clothes you

" net income actually used to subsidize poor students in the west, and Sun Li in a few years ago has begun we funded the "img_box" id=

. Many people said that she and Wallace Huo attended the charity show just loving it, but in fact, Ruby Lin also do charity for many years.

in a website of public sector, there is an article written by Ruby Lin is a all aspects can be considered the artist

" the article is devoted to a list of Ruby Lin has done for so many years of public. Donate money to the hope primary school, including his own jade to auction proceeds China poor children's fund, to the Ya'an earthquake donations amounting to

" was named [] no other star has made a contribution of public welfare.

Wallace Huo of Wenchuan has quietly come with

" Liu Shishi worked for Ya'an earthquake donations amounting to

Ethan Ruan at a charity event that night has come,

Charles Heung's son Jacky Heung is not the first time to donate money to charity fund amounting to

" in fact these [no] star has made contribution just to donate the star A lot of convergence. The article said that Wu Yifan

and Li Yifeng

eight no action news we disapprove of Mr Wu Yifan's attitude on the YP event, but he can't say YP will deny him the whole person. After all, he is also doing well in charity, donations to the Hubei flood, sick children, to participate in public welfare projects and so on we

" he also set up a charity project to help the teaching condition is not good school basketball we

" as Li Yifeng, participated in the auction activity before cycling power are equivalent to the Sha Ba, this year's sale amounting to

Han Hong's Charity Foundation contribution amounting to


reality point of it, people donate did not donate what you do? Have you done your work? Have you finished your homework? Did you call your parents? Accompany the child to play? Instead of spending time with moral kidnapping, you might as well make your life a little better!

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