To open the role of micro-blog also interactive abuse dog? Just to give the joy of the Virgo song of the cast on the knees!

Role Virgo micro-blog ode to joy

souhuyule· 2016-04-25 03:01:28

. :" padding-left: 2px style= " 3 "padding-left:" 2px max-width:; style= 100%; RGB color: (127, 127, 127); "> details!

on Monday; "yes, a new week, everyone is not found his micro-blog and the circle of friends are home produced drama little conscience" Ode to joy "to Shuabing ~~

; "no way, good drama is that word of mouth effect, but as the story progresses, netizens have also found that this drama can be seen in addition to" " Five "love to kill each group CP, posing Jin Dong Wang Kai Yan, and discuss the reflection of life licking love three occupation , another with this Crew come down in one continuous line down the advantage continues to flourish -- < br />

that is: Virgo finicky crew reproduction of rivers and lakes. In all the details to the outrageous rigorous!

things source in the latest episode of "Ode to joy" < span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (217, 33, 66);" > (see drama, please click on the lower left corner of the "reading text a key direct) , Liu Tao plays the female turtles executives" Andy "by people in the Internet posting malicious for small, several other sisters to think of a way to help the plot. />

link highlighted here......

and broadcast the series, a curious users on the forum search, the results actually really seized the crew last August of the post...

is now of course ~~

coming home to the top point into a look, but was still not pasted, text and indeed appear in 10 Fen:

to appear in the post screenshots, pay attention to key words:

even helped Andy to floor, is sister to a fan a 2333~

[shirtless on img10]

to see the landlord post registration time and place, the crew had to say very seriously. "Text-align: center style= ~~

< p > in addition, with everyone long-awaited Dr. Zhao on-line and he and tune the feelings of the line gradually expanded, < span style = "background-color: RGB (255, 251, 0);" > two roles on twitter id have been grilled! The! A! To! />

have the micro-blog ID in real life! Style= line-height: "

to see the two microblogging page:

the two props, not only the heart hair microblogging, often interact dog abuse...

as well as before buried a foreshadowing of ditty shelter stray cats in the plot, it seems after two people also responsible for looking for a home for cats...

more terrible is that two ID published microblogging content but also with the script seamless. Wrote the original

: microblogging


Jane straight with the original hair as well?! By the way, please pay attention to Dr. Zhao's micro-blog source...... Style= text-align: "center


on the, the two account only bug is Xiaoqu the Baifu Beauty how can with millet phone! The props set up wages ah hey! />

so play every time when Andy with singularities chat is really open FB in the chat slightly, the two men is not also had purchased a computer version of the VPN!... />

sincerely to the toxic crew on the knees......

; "in addition, there are some plot details such as:

fan Shengmei subway and Andy work take off all routes off Shanghai in line with the actual traffic condition

cell to Andy company is indeed 20 minutes;

"all follow the regulations do not drink and drive the two generation (including Qu Lianjie

Qiu Yingying father came to Shanghai after she went to the train station take the 927 bus terminus is ShangHai Railway Station;

Andy's limbs of contact with obstacles in a broken elevator from an existing foreshadowing;

all phone calls, send text messages and micro letter is a real actor in interaction, not posing for the camera, and so on. />

in short this toxic cast is two words: rigorous! < br />

also is because this rigorous, we look at the play only for empathy, down-to-earth sense of reality. ~~

also want to say is although the plot and details more realistic, but to see a lot of familiar face actor one appears on the screen, is still very let a person through.... />

"Nirvana in Fire -" Princess "" the pretender "Der Spiegel -" Ode to joy "shut off" line-height: 25.6px style= />

"   "Nirvana in Fire; Lin Chen minglou -" "the pretender" - "Ode to joy" Tan Zongming span>

" Nirvana in Fire "Jing Wang -" the pretender "- -" Peking no war "Fang Meng Wei -" Ode to joy "Zhao Qiping

"Nirvana in Fire Huang Ni Princess -" Ode to joy "Andy

Peking no war "Cui Naka Ishi -" Ode to joy "Wei Wei

" Nirvana in Fire "Mu Ye -" Ode to joy "Yao Bin

[ Img50]

"Nirvana in Fire" said Yu Jin - song "Ode to joy"

"L" Nirvana in Fire Li Gang - "Ode to joy"

"brother Lin Peking no war" cannon Sergeant - "Ode to joy" Wang Baichuan

"" the pretender "Liang February -" Ode to joy "

" Nirvana in Fire "Xia Jiang -" happy song "

" Gaozhan -" Ode to joy "Guan father

so that set Qi" Langya Bang "and" the pretender "and the Peiping no war" can summon a "Ode to joy"????

anyway. < span style = "line-height: 25.6px;" > it flush with the familiar face the old play bone, the play's quality is guaranteed! Alone and a so finely finicky Virgo crew to control all the details? ~~~

the said so much," Ode to joy "the conscience of the pit, don't you dance????

last highlight: click on the lower left-hand corner [] to read the text, " video Sohu a key chase drama oh!

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