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wangyiyouxi· 2016-10-06 11:52:19

source: 178 from the end of the S6 season

League has one month, S7 season will be predictable, every year the preseason is changed considerably for the whole game, and the main contents of the change of the preseason is the thorn guest hero class update. Designer Statikk today (October 5th) in the North American Forum to share in addition to the four major changes to the assassin Heroes (Tyrone, Ryan Garr, Katerina, Le Fran) outside of the content, including the stealth system.

" stealth and vision system to adjust

S7 preseason stealth system will be unified and clear division, two clear division of stealth hero will be in the League of Legends:

1, invisible. Invisible into in a short period of time, let the enemy completely invisible, such as Kazike R skills.

2, stealth. long period of time into the stealth state, can be seen in close proximity, such as Evelyn's passive.

so in the game mechanism as a change not only clearly distinguish between the two categories of heroes, but also to make the overall adjustment more flexible. For example, the interaction of stealth systems and vision systems, in the next season, really see the guards are no longer able to detect invisible hero. , in short, can't use quite cheap real eye directly to some invisible consumables Conte hero, before the basic inserted under the real eye down the seconds off they are useless, but can still be through some other means to counter. But the stealth system and vision system interaction is still being explored, but is likely to keep this change in the next season, so the system can also adjust the stealth designers to adjust some heroes, such as Tucci.


equipment has been the assassin assassin difficult problems, especially fixed armor penetration equipment series.

fixed armor penetration there have been some problems need to be solved, some people think that this is against the high armor hero, but in fact they are of low armor hero more effectively. Fixed armor penetration either make you ahead of the competition, they grow in armor can't follow your armor when you are behind or let the way ahead; the armor grew faster than your equipment lead to useless. The designers still hope that the assassin is a focus on leading the game and snowball winning category, but because of this I let them too single, so in the next pre-season, fixed armor penetration series of equipment are redone.

in addition to the current Assassin's equipment is not able to better meet their needs, especially in terms of other categories. The assassin needs to be more suitable for their own equipment, so consider the ability to strengthen their map migration and survival, but also for the assassin to increase the number of team roles. But this change is not a sign of striker category update when the project is so huge.

small change hero

and before class update, some of the other assassins hero will be slightly changed, the first is to solve their internal problems (not too widely used or lack of counter-measures), followed by distinguishing and add unique. The following changes are in the experimental stage, there will be deleted.

shadow boxing Akari this hero needs a complete redo, but still will explore some minor changes to give her more means to beat the opponent, but also to solve her game health problems. As a result, the guard will no longer be able to detect the invisible state of Carrie.

time assassin AIKE this is a chance to bring back the flow of AIKE to the Master Assassin, away from the tank to install AIKE, in the consolidation of this direction still needs some minor changes.

Hailingfeizi has unique flexibility to keep the tide, the use of big hands to destroy the enemy. Consider the ability to weaken the E line, but add some new tools.

Katzke, according to the different circumstances of evolutionary void predator is still the core of the hero, the game player need evolution route selection based on game. And will take this opportunity to limit his sudden outbreak of injury, need to use the tracking method to complete hunting.

devil clown Sacco this hero needs a complete redo, but it will take some time to do some adjustments. Give some new tools, but at the same time solve the health problems (early gank strong and push too hard).

shadow flow of the main hook although the hero has been finalized, but he still can be quite safe in the early stages of development and early kill opponents. In addition to the regular adjustment, will also find some interesting ways that must be carefully chosen. Who as their ultimate object.

designer Meddler also added in the following, Teemo is passive stealth categories, like Evelyn can be regarded as a true guard, his mushroom and clown box, ember trap can be true as guards, towers and accessories as a scan. also asked similar game player assassin Quin and Tucci changes in the dream of the spirit is able to get compensation, Meddler says it will first observe a period of time, if you really like the deep fire embrace as Ali caused much weakened, these heroes will also get some compensation. A game player Mar Mo tiwusi said the bite of the blow to the road master is too big, Meddler also said this equipment hundred percent will remove the fixed armor penetration, with the synthetic route instead of other. stealth hero system also involves the opening of the big EU boon, Meddler identified the invisibility of grace cannot be true as guards to detect, and the kassa is quite healthy hero, be adjusted in Assassin's changes, Diana will update when changes in the guerrilla.

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