PS4 will support the "radiation 4", "the Elder Scrolls 5" of the Mod

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-10-06 11:52:49

before we have reported that SONY does not allow the radiation 4 and the ancient scrolls 5: sky special edition of the Mod landing PS4, but also caused a part of the PS4 players unhappy. But recently the situation has changed, Berthesda recently announced that PS4 will support the two works of the Mod.

PS4 version of the ancient scroll 5: Horizon special edition will be the first to support Mod in addition, the ancient scroll 5: Horizon special edition will also support the original 4K PS4 Pro".

Bethesda" also plans to complete "the Elder Scrolls 5 after making the sky" special edition, PS4 version of "radiation 4" provide upgrades, to ensure the support of Mod, and ensure better at PS4 Pro on the run, and may also support 4K.

"the Elder Scrolls 5: Special Edition" the sky will be landing PS4 and Xbox One platform in October 28th.


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