Following Ali cloud, UCloud officially joined the CSA Cloud Security Alliance

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4 20, cloud service providers UCloud officially approved to join the global cloud security alliance (Security Alliance Cloud, CSA), becoming a member of China enterprise. Cloud security alliance on behalf of the cloud security in the field of the highest international standards, ucloud after accession, will and domestic and foreign top cloud computing vendors, jointly promote the cloud security and cloud computing related information and knowledge exchange, for businesses and channels to provide higher quality, more secure cloud services solutions.

with the gradual improvement of products, cloud computing has replaced data center become the first choice of Internet companies and traditional industries and government agencies, the cloud security problem has become a focus of attention. However, with the continued popularity of the cloud data and services on the types of attacks, the frequency is also growing. According to the 2015 public yun'an the annual report "statistics ucloud. Yood throughout the year to intercept all kinds of attacks of $39.5 million times, average monthly intercepts DDoS attacks more than 100GB. />

cloud security alliance is born in this context, the purpose is to provide the best security solutions in the cloud computing environment. At present, the cloud security alliance, which includes 10 working groups and the output results including "cloud computing security guidelines in key areas", "cloud control matrix", "cloud computing focus on key areas safety guide", the CSA cloud control model "has become a recognized industry standards or norms, and with BSI standard commercial company jointly launched ISO / IEC 27001 enhanced version of star certification, commitment to help enterprises in the increasingly fierce competition in cloud services market come to the fore.

network information security has always been the focus of China enterprises and government, UCloud has always been to the needs of customers first, guarantee the cloud business continuity and data security, and strive to become the best partner of entrepreneurs, network industry development and the Internet the transformation engine +".

UCloud have independent control of the cloud computing platform, and the establishment of three-dimensional security system in Uden, covering the basic security services, web application protection, intrusion defense system, service etc., and partners together to create a comprehensive security protection; in addition, ucloud from the angles of research and development, operation and maintenance and management of, using without rebooting the hot patch technology, high availability product architecture, strict operation and maintenance and management means to meet the cloud safety requirements.

UCloud become the first through letter Ministry of trusted cloud certification, domestic first through the clouds all certification test, through the Ministry of public security information security level protection one of three level evaluation of less number of cloud service providers, and in the "trusted cloud hosting service availability monitoring report", in September 2015 to 2016 2 months of monitoring continuous 6 months reached 99.95% service availability and not less than 99.9999% reliability data of SLA commitment value.

UCloud is through the integration of innovation, product evolution for Pan entertainment, financial and other industries," Internet plus "one-stop solution to help enterprises enjoy the efficiency and security of new technology, its customers including the Zhejiang agricultural letter, Yonghui supermarket, higher education press, Semir group, quick money,, you loan me, in the broadcast and other more than 30 thousand enterprises.

add a higher threshold for cloud security alliance, Microsoft, sap, VMware, salesforce, Huawei, wave, Ali cloud and domestic and foreign well-known enterprises are partners in the CSA. UCloud as a member of China Enterprise Cloud Security Alliance, will work together to promote the establishment and promotion of cloud services security standards in the country to promote the safe development of China's cloud computing.


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Following Ali cloud, UCloud officially joined the CSA Cloud Security Alliance

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