Man was a powerful magnet for 4 hours of pain

Lower body magnet strong man

nanfangdoushibao· 2016-10-06 13:33:34

Nandu news reporter Lv Jing correspondent Chen Yongjie 10 the morning of 3 August 04 48, Zhongshan Torch Development Zone Fire squadron received the alarm for help, a district residents are unable to take down magnet clamp body. After receiving the report, 10 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene.

was caught is a 45 year old middle-aged man, do physical therapy at home therapy early that day when he was two magnets with strong magnetic sucking clamp scrotum, relatively strong magnetic force can not be removed, the pain. Taking into account the trapped person's personal safety, the proposal will be sent to the hospital and rescue the man with the help of a doctor.

was caught was sent to the hospital, firefighters first to try to expand the two magnets with hydraulic shear separation in the doctor's assistance and cooperation, but because of the magnet and the scrotum stick too tight, no space is reserved, leading not only to give up for expansion.

" and the doctor firefighters are discussed and analyzed, and telephone consultation to consult the production of magnet manufacturers, manufacturers recommend the use of translation mode to separate the two magnet, but with the family that would crush scrotal soft translation the organization, the method is also give up. With the time a minute of the past, people have been caught for four hours, the mood is more and more excited, the expression of pain.

" later, the fire officers and soldiers and doctors that the magnet hardness is not great, decided to use the hydraulic shear clamp method of broken magnet, the magnet is clamped into pieces, thereby undermining the magnetic force of the magnet, the ultimate success will cut through the efforts of magnet separation. After a doctor's examination, the folder is only the scrotum skin damage, no serious problem.

" later learned that the person was caught with prostate disease, has been used by magnetic strong magnetic field between two magnets on the site for physiotherapy; because the magnetic field is too strong, the morning of physiotherapy hands improper control efforts lead two magnet together, so as to clamp between the two magnets of scrotum.

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