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These movies are not good, the audience with what pay?

The film the audience the story William Chan

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[Abstract] a few films of national day, all seem to advocate "complex". "Passing from your world" is the three love stories, "grand track" single poster is filled with eleven characters, "action" is the Mekong River around the Bush lay out its action.

" (the fifth Tencent entertainment Zhuangao / edit / end

Wu), a master storyteller, "how to coax the child to eat such a fascinating trifles speak. But a bad one piled up a bunch of scenes and plot twists, but make people feel boring.

so Mcgee said, in the talk of a wonderful little material and the complex between the complex material, the audience will choose the former.

national day of several films, it seems too advocating complex". "Passing from your world" is the three love stories, "grand track" single poster is filled with eleven characters, "action" is the Mekong River around the Bush lay out its action.

for romance, plate type structure is not uncommon, the "first love", the "love", "city of love", in a sense, it is more lazy than single story, but "passing from your world" wins in the relationship between character set, some relationship with Deng Chao the role as the center, being screwed together, Deng Chao, Yue Yunpeng and Yang Yang three personal friendship for each other, love story actually play a hyperchromic effect.

only, specific to each story has many years to speak a story of Zhang Yibai, Deng Chao can only rely on the cuckoo's excellent play barely speak along a line, the other two stories in the Convention and hypocritical, the entire film block in the pass line. Compared to the year of the full and emotional style of the subway bound for the spring of the subway, and now Zhang Yibai, has been difficult to give a surprise.

"passing from your world"

"Mekong River action" storyline is often free, the show is for several heavy military service. In the capture of the waxy Kang story line, a few paragraphs have failed to integrate into the influence of the audience to enter the play. Coupled with the writers often play the voice of God, direct airborne a few lines to the command role to go to other battlefield, but also real.

"grand track" of the complex was built on the double ambition, the seven king, Odin, and the seven, to the "epic" title up the scene, business ambitions, so that the 11 stars have become a less, although almost puppet animation effects the real CG has intensified face blindness in the face of this group of audience's fresh flowers. If you can cut out all the minor details, and less to play a little opinionated suspense story, fluency, audience acceptance will be greatly improved.

fine, Yang Mi played two of the apostles and Aarif Lee's four apostles, almost does not undertake any narrative function, Yang Mi in the opening to Chen Xuedong science a few words about the world set later in the lake and William Chan put a tantalising "position", the former can easily to a passerby the latter is the director of the pure actor, bad taste, get rid of it, as Amber Kuo said a lot about Yang Mi wants to be a king's ambition conjecture, in the film did not give Yang Mi what play situation, sounds like Amber Kuo mistaken wrong complaints, as Yang Mizhen is very innocent passers-by. And Wang Duo as the three Baron, the role is to bring out the soul of the people in the past, and then take you to the island to join in the fun, it doesn't really bother to set up a director role, then design links let Wu Yifan effort, is to do the thing.

" to Wu Yifan Chen Xuedong,

two bare body embarrassment. Guo Jingming for Chen Xuedong is true love, Wu Yifan also in the film became his incarnation. Say not to close to me, but the hand has been put off the clothes.

movie set, similar love relationship between Wang Jue and the apostles went beyond love, Chen winter fascination with Wu Yifan. However, Chen Xuedong, laughing, make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks talk rubbish, digestion of this setting. What's important? Love what is the relationship? As long as Chen Xuedong, the United States and the United States, is pleasant.

, however, this role should have been more. From the beginning of the small village of wild, mysterious power to become an apostle, this is the common growth pattern in the Hollywood fantasy film hero. Chen Xuedong in the protagonist's attitude to embark on this adventure tour, the film is in the end he played back to the original form, the hero in the war he can only be reduced to a supporting role. To Guo Jingming, this is a script or somehow make either ace, self-esteem is everything, will eventually see on the ordinary people.

convinced. "The Mekong River" with a sense of the military action is on the show, has been criticized, whether it is rampant is retarded villain, or Zhang Hanyu and daughter video a sensational, but it saved as the action required sensory stimulation.

however, the background environment that gives the action rationality is not fully illustrated because it is adapted from a real case. In this overseas arrest, the Chinese independent action right? In the mall is bound to trigger a lot of innocent people injured, how to account for the Chinese? The real world of the law, in the movie also needs to be followed, otherwise, will inevitably make people's negative emotions, not credible.

"Mekong River action" text missing, "compared with routine

. The three movie, the worst is "passing from your world", such as the city lights that Deng Chao let capital embarrassing threadbare plot, even let the individual audience tears, also never thought. And from the beginning of Yue Yunpeng and Liu Yan video dialogue, it has been able to guess the end of this love. A gallant, an absent-minded, throughout the story, only Yue Yunpeng's hard "performance", the director is not even a little smoke, more is to make Liu Yan's mind as clear as noonday.

but the film managed to let people love small Yue Yue, not distressed Liu Yan dumped him, but I love drama everyone very clearly, but also pretended not to know to play, play with as Yang Yang is hard, but also in the final straight white lines make up: "good love, how to become the way? "

straight line is this movie can not look hurt. Every man in the woman or the air shouted "I love you", said the love is not valuable, old driver Zhang Yibai don't know? In the subway train to the spring, he will use the lens language and delicate details of the expression of the emotions and feelings of the people, and now is completely reduced to how easy how to come. Two PK and Jinghua rogue, and the sacrifice of Yang Yang, just like playing, really can not bear to look the. The so-called

mountain is a step by step up, the ship is at one oar shaken out, the domestic film is Yibudengtian too long.

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