Obviously can depend on the value and the big chest, she must rely on acting

Acting the world Liu Yan the man of God

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I said

is not Liu Yan.

the face value and the coexistence of the big chest sister paper, she came from the island, named Haruka Ayase. Class= img_box "

those who said they did not know her, then you can shut up.

" she is "sea street diary" in strong guarding their homes, quietly take care of her sisters sister.

" she is "white night" that elusive to Sui tang. Class= img_box "

she is "my robot girlfriend" in the naive stay cute and charming future robot. Class= img_box "

Haruka Ayase in the status of the Japanese performing arts circles, really can not be described with high, but very high.

for three consecutive years was named the most ideal girlfriend of japan.

" if I have to say that the status of Haruka Ayase in Japan is very high, so to describe the domestic showbiz four small artistes said, the 2013 selected the Angelababy, Liu Shishi, Yang Mi, Ni Ni.

and Haruka Ayase in the position of the Japanese entertainment industry, equivalent to the sum of the four.

1985", Haruka Ayase was born in the countryside of Hiroshima, parents is a kind of fruits and vegetables for a living.

with other female stars in childhood have many chances to play is not the same, Haruka Ayase at a very young age along with his parents to do farm work. This also makes her very simple character.

" kid looks like it's a look that is as like as two peas, gorgeous woman, and Meng da!

high, horipro in the new selection, in the selection to be performed for 30 seconds after the rabbit imitation firm fancy, in 2000 it became Horipro's artists, then entered the entertainment circle.

legend of the rabbit imitation.

2004, firms always regard Haruka Ayase as sexy photo actress Haruka Ayase, so early sexy pictures are mostly taken at that time.

what also hold to say, I secretly put on a few.

river called "big milk." the

and the Haruka Ayase is natural to stay walk a road to fall this confused personality, sister charm completely let the boys unable to resist sustain the blows.

" she said inside his body seemed to live in a two ill man and a six year old pupils.

although Haruka Ayase has been over 30 years old, but she always gives the feeling of pure and lovely. Class= img_box "

whether it is the goddess of God or you and I have to face the problem of the old.

in small series it seems that she has the most suitable in this age of the face - the firm gentle and the atmosphere of the temperament, still stable side of the face to kill. Class= img_box "

Haruka Ayase's appearance is not surprising.

early she has chiseled face, double narrow eyes, but rather looking, especially parafacialia invincible!

"second eye beauty", "more and more beautiful" this evaluation is the best evaluation of Ayase Harukami.

she is very easy-going, and answer the question has always been very frank. There is a simple image, in the circle very few people speak ill of her. Class= img_box "

I have to think how there will be so honest and pure actress degree. Very honest, and even make people feel a little uneasy, is a very lovely child.

- Takao Osawa (actor)

" she all her super natural, very natural, when shooting advertising, she is very strong energy, especially when eating, seems to be very interested in eating.

- Kitagawa Hisahito (Japan grapefruit band Leader) "img_box"

" unbelievable animal or newborn animal like, feel like an animal in the planet Haruka Ayase.

- in summer valley by (actor)

" is, she usually doesn't like talking nor what individuality, but not good at what makes social speech.

but the strength of acting is well known.

2004" from 723 people "love" in talent shows itself plays Aki in the center of the world.

although the audition was too nervous to say, but Haruka Ayase with a unique temperament or by the director to stay down, this drama also let her from the original obscurity overnight fame.

2007" in the "firefly light", there are many ugly scenes are many female stars are not in love, but Haruka Ayase is very hard as well every action.

" she dared to put socks on the head, I asked, this actress, who else but Haruka Ayase! Who else!

2010, "starring Haruka Ayase with our volleyball" first Ding actress throne.

also gains a Blue Ribbon Award starring actress award and Japan film awards outstanding starring actress award.

" for the first time she starred in "Ren" in medicine drama, gentle atmosphere impressive image.

her beautiful enchanting.

NTV" tailored for her "is not working today", personally think that is very cute.

30 year old bluestone and flower has not smiling face the boss and her boyfriend, 9 years younger than the wall thump their intern, she showed at a loss.

as if it were her.

" although she plays a rustic in the good old image, while the image does not love, but Haruka Ayase is widely acclaimed, can be said to be an actor up to a drama. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" in fact, in addition to the actor, she is also a singer and host.

last year she was selected as NHK kouhaku hosting, and created a new record ratings, visible position in the hearts of the Japanese public at the time of Haruka Ayase.

" she feels like a big sister next door as always.

is very comfortable.

has always been in accordance with their own free from arrogance and impetuosity, be neither humble nor pushy, the rhythm of life. Class= img_box "

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