September best APPTOP7, how many of your phone installed?

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NO1: probe, single dog the best choice for

probe is the first successful match only after the chat dating software. Style= line-height: " detective positioning based on distance to help you find like their TA, send text messages, voice, photos, and video, and TA for a variety of interaction. Attention oh! It is a two-way love to chat mode, to prevent the harassment of strangers do not like.


your circle of friends are all adorable as the screen, do you think is P Figure software well, then you out. Our automatic face recognition Faceu stickers in your face, instantly make you Meng da. The face, dynamic video, also with music, XY Jun is the heart of girl, it can self hi an hour, ha ha...

NO4: Pepper live, live Star Software

live software recommendation of pepper seeding is beyond count, because he is the biggest Chinese, broadcast platform has strong star property, is the fans the most intimate blessing Lee, Fan Bingbing served as chief experience officer, like Gao Yuanyuan, Huang Xiaochu, Zhang Jike and other stars in a hundred live, want to know the stars down to earth, the pepper live, gentlemen, thank!


news is essential APP and with so much, the love is today Headlines, today's headlines four simple modules but we show the most clear, a home based on your daily reading of the news and information automatically recommended! You want to see a single channel, slide in the channel bar can be, the channel can be added in accordance with their preferences. Two video with a small video to watch the news, three attention, you can add our favorite content. Four account I, the collection function, the comment after the reply point of praise can be viewed here. Simple and easy to operate the interface, but it is the most abundant content!

NO6: border-box; sing, the most fashionable mobile phone KTV

; everyone has a singer dream, here you can freely choose your song. Like the song, to provide you with professional accompaniment, beautify your sound line...... Each song is a big production. Will share their songs to the people around, you are no longer the tonedeaf shy boy. Want to sing, sing, sing loud!

NO7: border-box; fast, funny video

; the world is so big, out of view of the world. In hand, a variety of brain hole wide open, making your funny video, watch funny than the universe. Share your creations with others. Here only you can not think of, there is no you can not see.

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September best APPTOP7, how many of your phone installed?

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