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Quiet enjoy music SONY 100ABN experience

SONY music

imp3· 2016-10-06 18:07:07

although music is not the young people of the battlefield, but HIFI play the main force and reserve are students and young people just entering the community.

and in many young people's eyes, the headset is not simply listening to music, it can also act as personality accessories. Of course, SONY will not let this opportunity submissively, and in 2015 launched a series of h.ear products.

written before the h.ear and other products such as h.ear on, h.ear go, h.ear in Wieless, the appearance of the product design all have the same element, is a fashionable appearance and outstanding sound to attract young users to Purchase.

SONY SONY headset h.ear on wireless noise version. Wireless connection is Bluetooth, and noise reduction is the digital noise reduction.

as for noise reduction, noise reduction using a dual microphone to collect better noise. The following also suggests the effect of noise reduction, the high frequency of sound vibration is not obvious, such as the voice of the people.

active noise reduction technology principle is through the sensor (usually a microphone) to pick up the noise information through the waves to generate a reverse phase wave noise offset each other.

for active noise reduction principle, so the active noise reduction will have a certain impact on our sound, how will the frequency of music compensate for the loss of the back will be the active noise reduction headset products, this is also a lot of people on the initiative Noise reduction product quality is not good.

in addition to simple manual, quick start guide, portable bag, the rest is the headset cable, USB charging line (and other SONY audio products is not long, the headset body).

this is because the MDR-100ABN need noise reduction module and wireless module circuit and battery, and the key also needed space. This down to become more than before the MDR-100AAP thick some.

bring h.ear on headset series in black, but I think the most low-key connotation of color a.

and other SONY Bluetooth headset products, integrated headset in the operation button above, operation orders reached easily through the hands of thumb can be, and have very good compatibility, it is also one of the reasons I love SONY Bluetooth headset.

in the headset on the left side of the unit there is a NC button, this is used to start the denoising function. As for the other key functions and wrote before MDR-EX750BT similar, here no longer.

button, volume keys in addition to feel slightly hard, the other key feedback and feel very good.

in the left and right side of the cavity has a microphone, the function is to pick up sound and noise reduction.

Noise microphone actually just the layout here is not enough, because the noise will spread through the different angle to the ear, the passive the noise will fail, but also a noise canceling microphone it will play a role .

ear is about the same, only part of the structure slightly changed, the unit in the middle convex part is another microphone mentioned above, also apply to the use of noise reduction.

two is officially announced that the microphone headset outside and inside the cavity are equipped with digital noise reduction software engine, it integrates previous feedback and after the feedback in two ways to reduce environmental noise and high precision, allowing you to concentrate on listening to music.

here actually feel a little MDR-100ABN ear than MDR-100AAP thick, do not know is not illusion. Is still the 40mm unit size, titanium coating of the diaphragm, which is consistent with the MDR-100AAP performance.

headset lateral beam is still a metal touch coating, plastic material, feels like delicate matte, which is still open after the connecting rod metal structure, is used to adjust the headset and head of the loose degree between.

this MDR-100AAP only difference is above more than a Wireless, a higher degree of recognition.

internal product information although it is still on the left and the material is still plastic, the connecting part of the rotation and when pulling does not produce noise, this kind of design has been used in the silent SONY headset on big head very mature.

it is also a very rigorous sense of design is with other SONY products. And as a traditional SONY rhythm control hole is also here to hide.

NFC; 28.7999992370605px; mark, said mobile phone and MDR-100ABN can use the NFC function quick connect complete pairing, actually this feature is common in Android devices, the NFC devices like apple or not.

MDR-100ABN to me than MDR-100AAP everywhere can see more heavy in the upper part of the head is so worn on the head and feel there is a certain weight of ascension.

but in return is up to 20 when compared to the life time of wireless music, MDR-EX750BT is not a small improvement. The battery should be a greater effect on the life of the extended play.

when using the headset cable, he almost as an ordinary heavier version of the MDR-100AAP no difference, because there are not MDR-100AAP than on, so here with the impression of feeling, a sense of the amount of MDR-100ABN seems to be low some more.

exclude brain radiotherapy and psychological function, and this is the use of MZ-EH1 as front-end audition, it is likely to use the two line there is no difference what.

MDR-100ABN; 28.7999992370605px; Bluetooth audio decoding is very comprehensive, including the now popular apt-X and SONY exclusive LDAC encoding, which makes MDR-100ABN the most basic in the Bluetooth audio transmission encoding has outperformed many other headset.

if you have SONY's own player or mobile phone, you can use the LDAC encoding to Hi-Res level audio, I am afraid other property products to achieve high transmission.

here the use of iPhone Plus as 6S Bluetooth devices to listen to MDR-100ABN. It should be noted that the default is to open the DSEE, that is, after the compression of the compensation, the compensation for the use of Bluetooth transmission lossy coding has a compensatory effect, to further enhance the sound quality.

MDR-100ABN Bluetooth headset cable with the use of sound in some detail is not the overall style is the same as like as two peas, but the .

voice to people feel crisp and bright, and largely open Bluetooth, volume MDR-100ABN frequency information was applied to many, and high and low frequency and did not make modifications, is still very clear voice.

this transparent let MDR-100ABN a lot of music when they looked very thin.

and high frequency the low frequency is still has excellent resolution, high frequency transient performance is laudable.

low frequencies the sense of hierarchy, and texture are very delicious.

if one hand, slightly ahead of the amount of information, if the smear, but this does not affect the overall sense of vision.

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