Ballet in the end to learn how long? When will the baby start?

Ballet baby

wudaozhongguo· 2016-10-06 19:15:15

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display: inline-block ballet Tips

1, girls 10~11 years old, and learned more than 2~3 years can be considered for students to wear pointe shoes, boys life without wear toe shoes.

2, 3 years old ~10 years old children are not in favor of stretching, waist and instep pressure pressure. The waist, legs and instep through the combined action of gradual training in children's Ballet training. Try to avoid the children of high strength, single leg pressure waist.

3, the older children learn ballet.

3 misunderstandings about ballet

1 misunderstanding ballet will produce" eight feet "

2 misunderstanding ballet children will not grow

baby can grow tall, its bones closed sooner or later, that is to say, both sides of joint the more closed late bony cartilage synthesis, the baby will grow more high. In ballet exercises, most of the action is to stretch the baby's ligaments, shape the baby's muscles, the pressure on the baby's bone development is extremely limited. And generally 4 ~ 6 years old baby will not arrange toe exercises, so definitely will not cause the baby is not high, on the contrary, because practicing ballet baby good attitude, chest and abdomen to recover the chin, the whole body will look more slender than the actual height, so was significantly higher than their peers who

3 misunderstanding ballet will make the baby to slim down

don't rely on simple ballet exercises to lose weight. Because the dance can achieve the effect of weight loss, such as waist and abdomen and shoulder back weight loss, how to do not from the perspective of the control diet, want to get through the dance so that the baby is not very possible to become thin. In particular, thick legs are not suitable for children to lose weight by Ballet, as in ballet basic training, whether it is a practice, practice, or jumping exercises, power on legs, this will make the legs become very strong, two legs will become more apparent. This is why the teacher in the selection of ballet "good seed", stressed that the reason very slender legs, "

only lower than the upper part of the body is longer, in order to guarantee the long leg muscle, still looks very slender, very beautiful.

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