"Chinese industrial design" the father of Liu Guanzhong: a nation without looking at the sky, okay?

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king of the island said

design is what? In the field of industrial design, this problem is known as the "heaven", and how to understand and answer the question, truly reflects the mind and the repair of a designer.

China witnessed since the reform and opening up thirty years of development of industrial design, known as the "China industrial design" the father of Liu Guanzhong, with more than 6 thousand words to answer this speech A problem, fusion of tradition and modernity, the state and the individual, both ideal and reality, severely criticized the current business all the money the impetuous wind, can be described as witty and sharp words behind the condensation is the already over seventy years of age, inner deep feelings.

king of the island to recommend, I wish everyone can find the design of your heart".

source: the positive and the island (ID:zhenghedao)

interview: Li Xing,


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is and the island: now have a phenomenon, most entrepreneurs are fond of short-term interests, to do things only do specific things, made products to sell the product, little or almost can not see who has a strong focus on cross behind the design. In this regard, how do you see?

liuguanzhong: all is for the money, because money and no standard. This can not blame the entrepreneur, which is the whole country's development phase of the decision.

China is a big country of manufacturing, there really wasn't a big manufacturing country, a < span style =" is 100% max-width:; color RGB (79, 129, 189); box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important; "> processing manufacturing big country . Manufacturing, just as its name implies, the so-called "system" is the norms, standards, processes, production lines, equipment, but these are imported, not us, the "system" is not our, "made" is our.

three or four days is skilled workers. Because the greatest feature of industrialization is the division of labor. The biggest difference between the division of labor and the agricultural society is the agricultural society from beginning to end, all the links, a master with an apprentice, so the efficiency is low.

cooperation means what? Style= max-width: "

our country always don't understand "industrial", so I always say we state the industry, industrialization has not been completed.

by the introduction can not solve the industrialization , signed a contract yesterday, today shipped in, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow to make money. So China is not completely industrialized, manufacturing is just made, no system, the "system" is just a.

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since the reform and opening up, our greatest achievement is sales. key enterprises on sales, the highest sales director in an enterprise to take the money. Because for him, the only risk is not to sell. So over the past thirty years, all the time is advertising, sales, set up a distribution point. What research to develop, do not do. A fool is the one who does it.

say honest words scam , designer for the entrepreneur to deceive the people in the hands of the money in and tricks to cheat you buy. So including the entire western economy is basically the case, apple 4, apple 5, Apple 6, apple 6S called you to pay, which is the result of business.

business in the highest. Business as long as it does not matter what things can do, and even secretly to avoid some of the illegal things, poison milk powder, poison vaccine and other issues.

after all not to complete the industrial industrialization. It will not be such a bad thing, of course, the western countries have also experienced this, the United States also appeared in the vaccine, but once the system will soon keep up with the. So there is no longer, and China is repeatedly put an end to.

is and the island: what you say that also exists in other countries?

liuguanzhong: exist, but this process we've experienced too long the, you see from the liberation to now how many years, without turning around.

"made in Germany" . < span style = "max-width: 100%; color RGB (79, 129, 189); box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important;" > said you are defective, imitation, fake . This of course stimulated Germany, and began to reflect on the move to do with China is not the same, they are grasping the quality and standards. Of course, there may be China is too big, too backward, the demand is too large, as long as there are people rushing to buy. Style= max-width: "

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