Chinese people look like? Foreign media can not tell the silly


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" Paris fashion week, Chinese actress have to sit on the flight to Europe, but also help out of the foreign media, because for them, and it hurts people. This "move" is on the "Princess" star Zhang Tianai, foreign media reports out her name as "Zhang Xinyu". But there are also Chinese friends Tucao, "can tell it is wrong!" obviously, this is not the first, nor too may be the last foreign media mistaken. This star usually feel embarrassed, but for seeing hit the face of the China users, but it is not. (left to right is Zhang Tian'ai, Zhang Xinyu)

" [a bed sheet] Gong Li Zhang Xinyu became the sixty-eighth Cannes Film Festival opening, so that domestic and foreign surprise, Zhang Xinyu dressed in a northeast to create new styles. Face to walk the red carpet dress. Foreign media didn't know who Zhang Xinyu is, "the Daily Mail said more" cruel "to her label Gong Li, also joked and asked: her skirt, is not able to find some gardening inspiration? In fact foreign media have to admit, because Gong Li many years ago in Venice had a similar fabric wearing red skirt. However, when the twilight incense shoulder she a bit more mysterious oriental style. (left to right for Zhang Xinyu, Gong Li)

" [Gong Li was mistaken for a "younger generation" Zhang Ziyi] this thing the wrong person should only limited international influence after Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi, did not think of Cannes in 2014 film festival. Gong Li followed the "return" crew to go to the local publicity, wearing a suit of clothes for her, with a black coat and green shawl, dressed very civilian. I do not know whether it is because of wearing sunglasses, she was mistaken for a "Agence France-Presse" reporter Zhang Ziyi. Two although it is the same, and quite a bit similar in appearance, which is a Venice Film Festival, a Oscar review, was dumbfounding mistake. (left to right for Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi)

" [a guide Li Bingbing @ Fan Bingbing] but that "Bing Bing", without the name refused to back the two kinds of topics has been besieged in the teeth of the storm, two last year, Met Ball used to walk the red carpet and deeply attached to each other to self fact smashed rumors. And the origin of the two Bing Bing is also quite deep, from 2012 to start. At the Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood director Brett · Rattner met Li Bingbing after the two kind photo, later it will put a picture of two of micro-blog, but to "Fan Bingbing" love. When fans correct Rattner said people in the photos are in fact Li Bingbing Rattner namely embarrassing apology. (left for Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing, right is Li Bingbing with the director

" [ditch is Bing Bing? This is Zhang Yuqi] in Cannes in 2013, while foreign media wonder: dressed in strange clothes in the thick type is what haven't appeared, Xue Fu, lips, green skirt deep V our other grand debut Zhang Yuqi: let them see light suddenly she came, and "no one's gaze from her upper half a second". There are on-site media statistics, Zhang Yuqi on the red carpet in the residence time is the longest in the Chinese movie star: 3 minutes and 50 seconds. But was embarrassed, although send kiss to the photographer frequency, foreign media at her call is the name "Bing Bing". (left to right for Zhang Yuqi, Fan Bingbing)

" [the world's highest income actress Chen Shu?] in August this year, Forbes released global ten highest income actress list, Fan Bingbing with $17 million in revenue ranked fifth, and become the only one in the list of Chinese actress, a message, the major media have started to report. The guardian is playing who is Fan Bingbing's title, but what we see is a piece of text with Fan Bingbing, but with Chen Shu's report photos. In fact, two of people admit there is origin, Chen Shu and Fan Bingbing both have appeared in Hollywood films, Chen Shu has a cameo in "Mars rescue", Fan Bingbing in the "X" appeared in X-Men: the reversal of the future. (left to right for Chen Shu, Fan Bingbing)

". Li Xiaolu Fan Bingbing [] are of the same age in 2012, Li Xiaolu's pregnant belly at Paris fashion week, she was our appearance is very striking. Interestingly, the western media reports Li Xiaolu mistakenly marked with Fan Bingbing, causing embarrassment, some netizens said that if Fan Bingbing really such a big chest with good. There was a good media looking for two people with similar traces, all the talent that Li Xiaolu and Fan Bingbing were born only 14 days, but Fan Bingbing actually looks better than Li Xiaolu mature 14 years! "

" [Jaycee Chan is sentenced mismatch Lee Hom photos] earlier, Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and fined 2000 yuan, while the "Daily Mail" Edit again face blindness episodes, drug events reported in Jaycee Chan shelter or other illegal, with the wrong Gordon Lee Hom photos, attracting mainland netizens Tucao countless. Obviously, this photo Lee Hom was wrong, this is the photo of Jackie Chan and cut. Lee Hom fans can not curse: and Jackie Chan his son's photo! This is not too no occupation ethics? (left to right to foreign media reports, Jaycee Chan

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