7 year old girl with a 3 year border tour of the National Monument


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" National Day holiday, Qingdao Mr. Yan took her 7 year old daughter once again rushed to the border in search of borders monument, Monument and photo borders round her dream, and it all stems from Changbai Mountain 3 years ago for a monument across borders start. "I do not know how many national boundaries in our country, my goal is to let my daughter and as far as possible the National Monument photo, this is my greatest desire and my daughter. "The military background of Mr. Yan has a strong national boundary monument plot. (· Qilu Evening News; Qilu point reporter Intern Du Honglei Jie dieno)

" Mr. Yan Yan's daughter to now in Qingdao city of Dongsheng Road Primary School on the second grade, she was born in 2009 because it is premature, the initial physical quality to be worse than ordinary children. "I remember before the age of three, very easy to get sick, and a lifetime of illness will go to the hospital infusion. "Mr. Yan felt that he needed to do something to change his daughter's physical condition, so he thought of climbing the mountain. When the three year old daughter, Mr. Yan began with her first climbed up from the hills near Qingdao, slowly began to climb in the mountains, for example, Mengshan yunmenshan, later Yuntai Mountain, Mount Jiuhua and Mount Huangshan province climb. "Just started to climb the mountain, the child is also feeling tired, do not want to climb, we give her a reward to encourage her to climb. Mr. Yan said, since the beginning of the mountain climbing, the daughter of a solid body, and rarely go to the hospital. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p" Yan was the most impressive is the 5 year old daughter to climb Mount Huangshan. Mount Huangshan is very steep, we are very difficult to climb the adults, my daughter walked more than and 10 kilometers of the mountain. "On the way to Yan, feel very tired, no longer willing to climb. Mr. Yan saw passing mountain porters, it said to her daughter: "you see the burden of grandfather could climb, you insist you can climb to the top of the mountain. "In the words of encouragement, the daughter eventually climbed to the top of the mountain.

2013" in July, Mr. Yan Yan took his daughter to go to Jilin to climb Changbai Mountain. "The weather was bad that day, we were on the west side of the hill, and it began to snow on top of it. Mr. Yan said on the way, he saw the national border, the heart is very excited. Because the last time he saw the monument was in 1998, when he graduated from the military academy in, he went to Yanji, where he first saw the national boundary monument. Buried in the hearts of the passion for a long time, even in the time to see the boundaries of the monument burst. "At that time, a sense of dignity, the heart is full of pride, in particular, I was a soldier, a special feeling. Mr. Yan said, that time to climb Changbai Mountain, because of the weather, the daughter did not insist on a little. Class= img_box "

" "you see, there is a national monument, we have to climb up to see. "Mr. Yan pointed at the distance to the daughter of a monument to her daughter, at the time of the 4 year old daughter is not aware of the boundaries of the monument, but know that they have not seen before. While dragging, while holding, father and daughter two people came to the side of the monument next to the 36. Look at the borders of granite monument, above the solemn national emblem, the red "China" Chinese characters, all this makes Mr. Yan heart surging. "This is the border monument, is a sign of the boundary between the two countries, the monument is our national borders, there is another country, the land under our feet is for generations of heroes with life for. She said, "Mr. Yan heart suddenly had an idea, he wanted to take her daughter to find all Chinese tablets, and petrified with a shadow.

" since the idea, Mr. Yan began looking for a variety of information about borders monument from the network, will find the borders monument marked address, planning next time for monument tour borders. In 2015, he came to the northern tip of Heihe and Manchuria with her daughter to Yan, because here is the border China and Russia border monument. "Some national monument is easy to find, one of which is in Manchuria square, is a scenic area. But some borders are in trouble. "At that time, they came to the two sub Lake found in the water petrified, let her daughter far photo and country borders. Class= img_box "

7/8 there is a national monument in a village from Heihe to Wudalianchi in a village. In order to find this national monument, Mr. Yan deliberately down from the highway, all the way to find the village to find the village. When he asked the local one of the address of the address of a big man, the big Ye doubt asked him: "what do you find the monument to do? Take the children to see, let her know more about the story of the monument. "The old man listened to the moment a thumbs up.

" once, Mr. Yan daughter in the school organized students to show their own thing most memorable, he took the photo and daughter to school in the pillar of the past. This particular work won the school teacher's praise, this let Yan to more interested in the national monument. From then on, she often asked Mr. Yan: "Daddy, when we go to see the national monument. "Now for the monument to Yan borders to learn more than a lot of adults. This year's National Day holiday, Mr. Yan once again with her daughter to Dandong, looking for border border monument. "We've had a group photo with more than and 10 national borders, and my daughter is very happy. 3 in the evening, Mr. Yan said they are looking for more national monument.

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