The director of the entertainment business is likely to be a potential rule actor?

Hidden rules entertainment director actor

beiqingwangyule· 2016-10-07 07:10:58

entertainment unspoken rule, the family can also be good actress director to bed; menstruation also requires more sexual behavior; actress for 3 consecutive nights, Aberdeen set unspoken rule or even 2 months; in case of production director, a total of 8 people for "unspoken rule" to accompany sleep...... of course, does not rule out the actors want to come up with red head to ask the director to sneak her. And the unspoken rules no men and women oh! No young and no young.

" even the school's sister, too. Fashion beauty entertainment just want to say, the road is very difficult, no way to change the world, can only manage their own. That is because their entire entertainment industry became a river of sewage! Class=

this is the recent and Edison Chan's "Lin Chiling" on the bar? You're right! This is Indoorsman's sister Zhi Ling. The media broke the news Lin Chiling hostesses price lists, offer more rich million, is open on billion yuan.

" now your "Fan Ye" Fan Bingbing has been rumored to be the "package", to today's business, because it is a few bosses also have some unspoken rule, the director for the "relations".

" Li Nian with a "seaweed dwelling" and red, blew once encountered unspoken rule "once, they let me play the female lead, the crew knew that they were conditional, or the" unspoken rule ', Li Nian's experience is still shallow, to the crew to train ticket back home overnight.

Yammie Nam, was "absolutely beautiful Mount Wutai", was the TVB's love, as of spring thirteen Niang in the "Westward Journey", and Yammie Nam also admitted that he had been Pro mouth, rape movie big brother.

" Taiwan model and actress Josephine Hsu, in "gone" giants was raped, the complaint was, an actor in the rape scene in the false play really do, she was injured, and later director of the group go to court Xingtu be destroyed on one day.

" Pinky Cheung had been raped, because of painful memories, turned to shoot "rape movie series", adhere to the bare and not exposed, let she became the most shining star in the three film.

Gong Li as an international superstar, buxom, graceful figure so many men coveted, often robbing the rich, with eat drink that is normal thing. There is no sleep, friends, how do you see?

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