Depth: why Chaoshan has so many big boss?

The depth of the boss Chaozhou business

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" in the Chaozhou Shantou area of Chaoshan people life of about about 10000000, in the Chaozhou Shantou outside China about about 10000000 people, has about 10000000 overseas Chaoshan people, basically each accounted for 1/3. According to the research found that Shenzhen has 4 million chaoshanese. It can be said that a tide where there is a trendsetter where there is money, chaoshang.

in the global field of vision to see Shan Ji rich, from overseas Chinese richest man Li Jiacheng, Thailand Xie Guomin, Thailand is the new richest man Su Xuming, Hongkong Lim Por-yen, Joseph Lau these ultra billion big spender from chaozhou.

founder of Guangzhou and Shenzhen only about Chaozhou billion enterprise have: Zhu Mengyi, Lai Haiming, Huang Chulong, Yao Zhenhua etc..

remarkable outstanding entrepreneurs are: Huang Chubiao, Huang Guangmiao, Huang Zhenda, Huang Maoru, Huang Shizai, the Huang clan prosperity, Zhu Dingjian, Zheng Kanghao, Li Yibiao is the two rich generation transformed into a two generation; Qiu Hanhui, Wu Yuangang, Gong Junlong and Guo Yingcheng transformation upgrade; rebound ability is a myth; what love Yaohou occupation managers; Qiu Jiaru carry forward the traditional clan culture.

particular mention of a person is the father of penguins and WeChat's emperor Ma Huateng, young, this year, a donation of over ten billion.

special mention of the city is about half of the real estate sector in Shenzhen -- Shenzhen Shan Ji boss accounted for the big boss get together.

why Chaoshan have so many big boss?

why Chaoshang Jingjiubucui? What

Chaoshanese what soft power make this miracle?

Chaozhou boss Yao please Feng Lunyue Wang Shi's office to talk about things, Wang Shi is a major shareholder of Vanke when you born vegetables do not deserve, Yao boss still patiently to talk more than 2 hours, and then left without a word.

" Chaoshanese love hard: more to fight the soft power of

through a comparative study, I found that Chaoshan people in the field to thrive, than in other places, people are more likely to succeed.

is a Chaoshanese strive for progress with determination. Three Heaven, seven by hard work, they start from a stall, from dawn to dusk, the sun and rain, chased everywhere there, knowing that mountain tiger, undeterred!

two is Chaoshan cultural soft power in action. Chaoshan people life purpose is very clear, the ancients had summarized as: self, family, country and the world! And self-cultivation Qijia, in a sense, Chaoshan people do strange (I would later points to explain).

Chaoshan local culture contributes to the strength of the group, this is what will produce a theory of Sociology in the individual interesting forces will never overcome the unconscious forces in the group. This is the

group spontaneous Baotuan strength.

Chaoshanese business, almost all from the bottom: Li Jiacheng had apprentice, Lim Por-yen made such a story in toil, Chaoshan folk is an example of the power of word of mouth.

big city street stall, pick those baskets, there are many Chaoshanren, most people from Chaoshan retail industry began to hard work.

everyone love to drink tea is: pay attention to the soft power of heart

Chaoshan people, have to mention the good tradition of Chaoshan people, a good habit of tea.

Kung Fu tea culture of Chaoshan people bold, talkative, a pot of tea, need to talk, so naturally have good eloquence.

drink tea, can make human trafficking, Friendliness is conducive to business success. also gathered in the tea, nostalgia, friendship and favor, and personal interests, values are obtained for the sale of human communication, is to cultivate gratitude concept!

don't look down upon this unique Chaoshan Gongfu tea culture, positive energy transfer inspiring, eliminate fatigue, comfort, even failure depends on this pot of tea.

strange is the same as the kung fu tea culture in Fujian is focus on business class, the rich innumerable.

everyone to become the boss: is public business

Chaoshanese bones are determined to be the boss! Remember

Premier Li Keqiang in 2015 the first day of work to Shenzhen, specifically public entrepreneurship, innovation to encourage people to start the boss, everyone striving to be hit off.

Chaozhou people don't need encouragement, they naturally have to do the boss of consciousness.

produced naturally prefer to sleep on the floor, but also to do the boss's idea, their parents always give the new generation to instill this kind of thinking.

at the same time, the Chaoshan area business atmosphere, the general reading in general, have their own business, even if a person began to work, also with a turn over in the future when the boss's heart.

you look around in the streets of Shenzhen, the grocery store, several children, which is not Chaoshanese sincechildhood accept commercial consciousness influence, buried seeds of your business.

business has always been like fighting alone will be taking to help!

China came into being! Famous Merchants: Shanxi merchants (Shanxi), Huizhou commercial group, Shaanxi commercial group (Qin Shang), Shandong merchants, Fujian merchants (Fujian merchants, including Taiwan, Singapore and other generalized Fujian people), Dongting business group and Guangdong merchants (Chaoshang, Cantonese and Hakka), Jiang You's help, Longyou merchants and Ningbo merchants more than and 10.

will have to Chinese all-powerful, has a great influence and profound memory is Shanxi, Anhui and Zhejiang Chaoshang and four merchants, resulting in a greater impact on the world in the most Chaoshang, zhejiang.

but it is interesting for hundreds of years Chaoshang has maintained a strong vitality.

: is the demographic dividend

many sons working in Shenzhen for 10 years, the recruitment of staff from other provinces have been living, but in recent years the recruitment of candidates for the ten people, found seven or eight chaoshanese.

just a few years ago, in Shenzhen and Guangzhou streets are northerners, speak Mandarin for a job while looking for a job now, gathering in crowds and groups, it is from Chaozhou younger sister.

this is a peculiar change, because of the change of population structure.

even in the most stringent family planning period, minority and Chaoshan people in Xinjiang, ordinary families have more than one child. Most of them are the son look very heavy, even the roadside grocery store, accidentally jumped out from the shop a few little.

has a demographic dividend, the entire family and family, there is a kind of vitality.

northern people why not come down in Guangdong, a very simple reason, most of them are the only child, a person with parental care, living at home leisurely, why should it suffer.

Chaoshan people love children, many children will lead to the Chaoshan area of narrow crowded, poor environment, especially the cultural competition environment is bad, Chaoshan men are mostly male chauvinism, wild, aggressive, extrusion, reading, Chaoshan people rely on farming, is not good for survival.

in order to survive, they must go out, the past is Nanyang, after the reform and opening up is poured in the Pearl River Delta the economically developed regions, Beijing, Shanghai and other big city, everywhere active chaoshanese. One said that Shenzhen has approximately 4 million Chaoshanese, accounting for about 1/4 of the total population in Shenzhen.


is slim Chaoshanese bold but cautious with marine personality, love adventure and hard work, will try to overcome all difficulties.

Guangdong has a saying is not to not for money, only the brave people have survived in the brutal war in business. Chaoshan area, natural disasters continue, less people, lies in the sea, the sea roaring waves trained Chaoshanese fighting spirit of adventure.

per capita of three sub fields, not fine farming no food to eat, so Chaoshan people such as embroidery farming statement.

Chaoshanese pragmatic, dare. Chaoshan people tend to be those who at least nerd flavor. Others did not dare to dare not sticking to formalities,.

Chaoshanese even had only a few yuan, also to be the boss, many Chaoshan people were teenage help home shop to do business, or in the store to help folks, learn business skills very early. What is the spirit of contract:

I always write articles for the Shenzhen, Shenzhen people applaud, said why people in Shenzhen are more popular? Deep to have the spirit of contract.

actually, I saw so many years in Shenzhen, the business, does not have to borrow money, speak not count too many people, a high proportion of. Maybe it's my bad luck, or maybe I was born a little person.

honestly, I found that the probability of business people to keep the Chaozhou Shantou than in other parts of the strong.

they have a steelyard market rules! Is the spirit of contract!

on the family, family and hometown, that is not care about, see have. I have seen many Chaoshan people, buying a car is to have a brother or sister. To spare no effort to donate money to the home.

foreign business, especially the business of Chaozhou own, regardless of paper or oral agreement, agreement, words, thrown out of the water, that is sure to count.

more strange is that they are a matter of discussion, no matter how much the other party, as long as they have earned on the line, the implementation of the contract is completed, the various walks, do not interfere with each other. The

in the other provinces in some places, will certainly earn less, make many people around, shamelessly, shameless!

dealing with Chaoshan people, if you is good for him, he will be better for you! It is old, miss you! If you and him to the cross and he will be more horizontal than you!

a lot of merchants, why only the Chaoshan business to help enduring? Overseas business and political game to survive, escaped!

said first Shanxi in the Qing Dynasty, their money, the prevalence of Bandar's 100 years, the basic control of the financial Chinese, but at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the official game lost the. The

flag is Hu Xueyan, he is the most typical hongdingshangren, his successful in the official career with Zuo Zongtang and Hunan and the Huai army are inseparable, but the decline is also here.

and gangs and political doctrine is inseparable from the party once lost, will be on business for the boss.

global Chaoshan people in the local community, other domestic and overseas areas respectively accounted for 1/3. Chaoshan businessmen not only in the domestic and overseas in the overseas boss escaped the life and growth in nature, the various political movement in the late Qing Dynasty to the present 100 years. Thailand, Kampuchea, many merchants in Malaysia and Singapore is Chaozhou immigration.

Deng Xiaoping after the reform and opening up, Guangdong Chaoshang inevitable trend, at the meeting of wind and clouds Chinese.


is your elder family you heard the wife to her mother-in-law, son also dare not sound strange? It is not surprising if in the north, have occurred. The family is not prominent contradictions China a couple of problems, but the law issues.

this is her mother-in-law daughter-in-law bully, dare not imagine in the Chaozhou Shantou, for such a wife, all the family, and even the whole clan will be charged.

Shantou is a typical patriarchal society, to the father for the daughter to Po Gang, gang, bad wife at home to listen to her.

husband, is male chauvinism, Chaoshan men dare Ganpin outside, big things carry their own.

only a man like a man, a woman will be more like a woman, no blood man, that would be a Rouqingsishui woman. Home in order to work, men don't get distracted, emboldened, more background. Four generations of

today, perhaps only in the Chaozhou Shantou family have, north area in the tide of reform and opening up, the ancient four generation families had all gone.

powerful Chaozhou boss, several women and their children together to live a lot of miracle.

"the family" said that women decide the rise and fall of the nation and family.

Chaozhou father guides son, husband and wife. Especially virtuous woman let a man less distraction, undivided attention of entrepreneurship, courageously fighting the boss, even if wrong, wife will not be prosecuted (many local China family is headed woman, men make mistakes will be cursed, it was his wife's complaints) behind every successful man there is a virtuous woman.

: is the style of tough love spell to win

said that in the modern society with money as the standard, Chaoshan people are more pragmatic, with strong folk, they are more like an anarchist group, they believe that what the elderly family autonomy -- say, in the village what leaders say.

people sometimes reflect the distrust of government, which is the reason they don't love engaged in political activities. The patriarchal clan system become their conditioning rules of social affairs. The patriarchal clan system, for the management of people is quite nimble fierce wind. You look at the

of Hongkong called Chaozhou anger Han is the prototype of Chaoyang folk, more fierce and abundance of people is Hongkong new Ngee Ann majority.

this anger Han more performance for the fear of power, the courage to fight, but also believe that people do not make me, I do not prisoners of the creed. Boycott policy

during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, forbid people to the sea. Shantou Coastal force due to illegal livelihood, sea things often happen, one was banned, or escape or hide, and even openly armed confrontation, and gradually form a sea of armed groups chaoshang.

in the Chaozhou Shantou area of the coastal people develop tough prohibition policy of cultural character, adventurous spirit has great influence.

: it is to burn incense and pray, Feng Shui horoscope belief

in Shenzhen Futian District of the edifice is built in Chaoshan boss, Huang Chulong is the most pious Buddha boss I see, he dedicated the temple in several places, office, home, every day will burn incense and pray, where there is a chance of worship! He has donated several famous temples in Chinese.

superstition is not terrible, terrible is no faith. Europe's Christian and Catholic promoted Islamic civilization, let people in the middle east god, Buddhism guide people to perform good deeds.

Chaoshan people generally believe in God and pray. The superstitious Chaoshan people seem to be more organized than some places lack of faith of the people, more emboldened, spirit.

is particularly interesting Chaoshanese superstitious things, mostly become a folk custom. The folk belief has two functions: on the one hand, such as religious education plays a good role, people do, day in perspective, There is justice in this world., isn't a report, not the time. When the time came, everything was reported. The most characteristic of

is autonomous charity charities Chaozhou, with their folk belief color.

in this social context they even try to educate hospital charity development mode and so on, they try to superstition Feng Shui, rural governance from the perspective of Feng Shui environment pollution.

on the other hand they also inherited a lot of Chaoshan culture. For example, in the local drama increasingly die today, but because of the need to the folk beliefs and customs, still booming.


is the collective Baotuan loyalty for nearly a hundred years of immigration to overseas Chaoshan society and the local society to be formed, and gradually formed a trendsetter in hometown concept and ethnic ties, focus group members, the core idea of seeking consistent interests.

the idea of this unity is to apply to the business above, until the contemporary.

recently, Yao Zhenhua Vanke and fight fiercely, digital Chaoshang gangster active site expression meant to help. If Yao is the other local business, this kind of thing is very difficult to happen, even in order to make money is not possible. The year of

, Wong Kwong Yu and Chen Xiao for the director of Gome session powers, the Wong Kwong Yu family turned to Shantou fellow, a short time to raise 2 billion yuan.

Chaoshan people acting together. Earlier, Wong Kwong Yu and former chairman of Zhongguancun Xu Zhongmin and other per capita is Chaozhou fellow. As early as the beginning of Wong Kwong Yu in Beijing, because the money is not enough, will often get the goods from Chaozhou, after the payment.

today, although Wong Kwong Yu was in custody, the Wong Kwong Yu family can still get the support of the villagers in Chaoshan area. The interpersonal relationship

Chaoshan people unity and mutual recognition of their own, this advantage is unmatched by other local people. Where to go, even the food market, I try to say a word of glue and others, some cheap vegetables immediately. This is the soft power of Chaoshan culture.

Chaoshan businessman very happy to do charity, Chaoshang home road bridge built schools are common. Li Jiacheng investment and construction Shantou University. Ma Huateng donated about 10000000000 this year to do charity.

chamber tide: new industries new business incubator

is retained most of the China Chaoshan traditional culture, the first is the family clan, hold together, loyalty, understand business contacts, most of the businessmen are stressed the importance of networking.

I used to live in the Guangzhou metro, railway market is operated by Hunan, Hubei, Henan and Jiangxi, where to buy food fun. The

stalls selling 3 yuan a catty, the stalls immediately sold 2.5 yuan, the other is to sell 2 yuan; the other is a food market in Chaoshan farmers management, unified 2.5 yuan. After a year, those who do not engage in all provinces of unity, traders out. I love Shenzhen shopping market

to Shenzhen, the vegetable market in those from the northern provinces of the vegetable traders often beat each other, finally losing. The same village and most of the operators markets from Chaozhou, they pledge. There are seafood, building materials, electronics and so on all kinds of market operators, Chaozhou have similar clever move.

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all over the world tide chamber of Commerce, as a hub of information, to raise a public institution, a new business incubator, new industrial projects, help people, people with people, spread fast, fast, Chaoshan people to take a side of a rich! A nest of

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