S6 second round of G2 five losing streak was eliminated CLG chance is not

The two round losing streak probability not big

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10 7, S6 team knockout round kicked off second. The first is the G2 against ROX, although G2 has been going all out, but in the face of ROX is also no way. While the second is ANX against CLG, the Russian team beat ANX CLG won the wild card wins, most likely qualify wild card division first quarter finals. The third is Europe and the United States did not win a scuffle, G2 has confirmed to stop sixteen, while another team in the next CLG must have a chance to win all matches the quarter finals. The

CLG rolling G2 were the five game losing streak

group phase before the evaluation of G2 domestic and foreign audiences are not low in MSI, they defeat the home, everyone thinks G2 will not make the same mistake. But judging from the performance of the S6 group match, G2 is called the European "LGD" is really justified, too optimistic. Many of the audience dubbed "the LCS.EU Division has become a wild card", because the three teams are not very good. CLG as the third seed pool team, good performance in the A group, after all this year's wild card team is really strong. lost to ANX two due to the outcome of the relationship not only in the CLG race, to qualify for the next game against ROX to the final victory, while ANX lost all CLG a chance to qualify. Class= img_box "

" from the BP point of view, G2 for each other AD, BAN EZ. Although CLG chose compressive online comparison, but in the late Qixiao battle group and G2 in the lineup, out of Shindelar and Rambo, but from the competition process and what role does. The CLG male gun around after grasping the deep pressure Rambo, Rambo successfully played flash and get a blood pressure by CLG Bobbi in the road to ease the situation. G2 then Olaf Shindelar caught Bobbi with double sprint to Rambo, but because Shindelar is too slow, but was CLG anti kill vampires. G2 Olaf intends to open the situation from the road, but was killed! Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" may be because of the mentality of the reason, G2 has lost the fight. In the interim, Shindelar almost single kill but arrived in time to bloom out shield saved, and want to change out the troll flash nor luck. In the wild caught and killed after bloom, G2 wanted a tower pushed to the CLG, but was killed two people out backhand strokes. and CLG later, opened on the other side of Tower Road two, after killing two people to push out the road of crystal, G2 wants to chase CLG was played for 2 4 lost dragon. the last wave of group war, Bobbi TP mission, due to the leading equipment, CLG in the group war great advantage, playing a wave of 0 for 3 after the successful end of the game.

" from the game, CLG in the field of G2 is not perfect rolling, because his defeat of ANX affect the attitude. Even our best dragon policewoman was BAN, CLG and ROX still have a battle of strength. The European team LGD G2 is the five game losing streak, a record low of the European division, in order to become a "world wild card".

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