NBA Mavericks boss Cuban: electronic competitive market is very confusing

Market NBA boss Cuban

tuwanwang· 2016-10-07 11:50:20

Cuban Mark (Cuban Mark), who was an American football player, and subsequently founded the computer information company MicroSolutions, in 2000 Cuban bought the NBA team Dallas Mavericks became NBA boss.

Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban), who is American football player, later founded the computer information company MicroSolutions in 2000, Cuban purchased the NBA team the Dallas Mavericks became the boss of NBA. In the last year, Mark as a guest who participated in the exhibition of IEM races, in December invested $7 million to build the e-sports tournament spectators and gaming platform unikrn, so many people guess he will enter the electronic athletics, it is only a matter of time. In a recent interview, Mark said he is to enter the electronic athletics this thing not anxious, because the gaming market is too messy.

"I'm in no rush to invest gaming clan," Mark recently mentioned reply fusion reporter Ethan Chiel mail, "now the influx of funds, to buy or build electronic sports teams, which makes the electronic sports market is very confusing. But more importantly, the loss of professional players to make people quite worried. This area needs to grow into a great industry, especially the hero alliance. I know there are some teams trying to do more, and I'm not saying it's not the right time to refuse to enter the market, but it's not the right time. "

Mark think that the electronic athletics occupation player is a competitive occupation, and occupation career is quite short, most of the players are in occupation age ten to twenty, then a few years of game to retire. The price of marine occupation occupation players also let Mark doubt, attracts more and more attention in the league, many players can not stand up to more than and 10 hours of formal training, they would rather retire early to live. But Mark's doubts did not prevent NBA and other sports league players or team to invest in e-sports, including O'neal, Philadelphia, 76 people to enter the gaming market in the near future, but also makes the value tendency of higher occupation.

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