Late awakening came too late G2 finally took the first win in the group

Group small and cheap Z

tuwanwang· 2016-10-07 14:41:57

thought G2 Ban fire ANX male, but still a steady output full lineup of hand selected bloom, to start a small routine Gank wheel is a circle around the earth mother, Lu Xian got a blood.

thought G2 Ban ANX but not hyottoko, full output or the steady hand pick a team to start a small routine bloom, a circle around the earth Gank wheels mom, Lu Xian got a blood. ANX is also now learning to use the auxiliary to the wild area to engage in a wave of male gun flashes forced out, but in the people's wild area for a long time to stop the G2 five people to kill. The initial ANX is a little small cheap, but in the road a wave of small group battle, so that the knife sister to get a head is very good. Immediately after the auxiliary big sister came to the road Yin off male gun also put 2 heads of knife sister kill. G2 - find opportunity in dragons area, although Kennan first cut but was Ruiz fixed, resulting in knife sister kill three C, let G2 wave rhythm up.

in the late" wheel mother developed, the opposition area after the decisive kill spider dragon, outside the tower with BUFF scored ANX all of the dragon. Then slowly consumed two highland hill tower. At this point has opened fourteen thousand of the economy. ANX Ruiz was caught in cleaning out the line of soldiers, the consumption of one output is disabled, cutting knife sister ANX died after harvest, four people were unable to defend. Congratulations G2 do not swim back, won the first victory in the global finals.

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