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Government Zhou Xiaochuan house price height

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2016" fourth years in the group of twenty finance ministers and central bank governors meeting

2016 in October 6th, in 2016 fourth the group of twenty (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting held in washington. Treasury Secretary Lou Jiwei and the people's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan presided over the meeting. The meeting is Chinese served as president of the G20 during the last meeting of finance ministers and central bankers, mainly discussed the current global economic situation and the tax and benefit of ownership and anti money laundering issues, and listened to the chairman of the G20 in Germany in 2017 of next year G20 financial channel agenda introduction.

meeting that the global economic recovery is still slow and uneven, uncertainty and risks have increased. The meeting stressed that will continue to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination, and earnestly implement the consensus of the Hangzhou summit of the G20, including the use of all policy tools to promote growth, promote structural reform, expand investment in infrastructure, promote the trade liberalization process, to achieve global economy is strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth. The meeting discussed the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the global tax transparency and information exchange forum (referred to as the global forum) on preliminary proposals to strengthen international standards of transparency beneficial ownership of the implementation of the requirements of FATF and the global forum to continue to improve and promote the relevant suggestions, also welcomed the OECD (OECD) and other international organizations to actively participate in this work and provide support, tax evasion and money laundering and terrorist financing and to combat corruption. `

Lou Jiwei minister pointed out that under the joint efforts of all parties, the G20 Hangzhou summit ended successfully. Summit around the "building innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy" theme, conducted in-depth discussions on strengthening policy coordination, innovation and growth, more efficient global economic and financial governance, strong international trade and investment, inclusive and linkage development and other issues, and achieved fruitful results. As one of the main channel of the preparations for the summit, since the G20 financial channel since Chinese served as president of China, actively carry out the work, made a number of important achievements in the coordination of macroeconomic policies, structural reforms, infrastructure investment, international financial structure, financial sector reform, international tax, terrorism financing, funds and financial aspects of the green climate, strong support the success of the summit held. These achievements embodied the wisdom and common financial channels, also shows the G20 countries to unite to deal with global economic challenges, improve global economic governance confidence and determination. Next, G20 parties should continue their efforts to promote the success of the Hangzhou summit has been effectively implemented, to ensure the continuation and consolidation of related issues in the future in the process of G20, increasing the effectiveness of G20 mechanism and influence.

Lou Jiwei introduced the current Chinese economy "to leverage" and structural reforms. China's "de leveraging" cycle is not synchronized with the developed countries. After the international financial crisis, developed countries generally started the deleveraging process, Chinese through the implementation of large-scale economic stimulus policies, has made an important contribution to cope with the crisis, but also had a debt rate rise and overcapacity problems. At present, China is promoting the supply side structural reform process: first, rationalize the price relationship. The focus is to reduce the formation of market price of administrative intervention, efforts to improve the price formation mechanism based on market supply and demand. As in the field of agriculture, to break the rigid agricultural price system, and reform the system of agricultural subsidies, etc.. Two is to promote the flow of urban and rural factors. The integration of fragmented social security system, and gradually establish a unified urban and rural residents in the basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance system, compulsory education resources can carry, push more people into town, expand effective demand. The three is to promote decentralization, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, enhance the new energy for economic development. At present, China's structural reform has achieved remarkable results. Unit GDP growth to accommodate the rising number of new jobs, the current 6.7% of the GDP growth rate has achieved new jobs over 10 million people. Although China's structural reform task is still very heavy, but it will effectively promote the long-term sustainable economic growth.

Zhou Xiaochuan, president pointed out that this year China's economic growth continues to be in a reasonable range, prices remain stable, the job market performance is good, the consumer continues to steadily rise. Some important economic indicators in the near future have picked up signs, continue to make an important contribution to the global economic growth. In the economy to enter the high speed growth of the new normal at the same time, the structure and quality of China's economic growth continues to improve, the new growth momentum continues to emerge, the long-term economic fundamentals will not change.

Zhou Xiaochuan, President, said the Chinese credit /GDP and long-term trend gap rise, reflecting China's response to the global economic recovery and the lack of G20 growth target to implement the efforts. China's high savings rate, rapid investment growth is fully guaranteed. At the same time, China is still in the middle income level, there are a lot of growth point for mining. At present, there are some excess capacity in China's economy, and the appropriate credit growth can be adjusted to the reverse cycle. Last year, China's capital market fluctuations, for the maintenance of financial stability, at that time, there was a stage of more dependent on bank credit financing, but the market is no longer stable after a large increase. As the global economy recovers, China will be in control of credit growth.

Zhou Xiaochuan, President of China, China's efforts to seek a balance between exchange rate flexibility and maintain exchange rate stability, will unswervingly continue to promote the reform of the exchange rate market. Recent capital outflow pressure eased, taking into account the Chinese economy to maintain a reasonable range, the current account continues to maintain a surplus, China's cross-border capital flows will be towards a more balanced direction.

Zhou Xiaochuan, president pointed out that the recent rise in housing prices in some cities in china. The Chinese government attaches great importance to and actively take measures to promote the healthy development of the real estate market.

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