Jane Zhang November wedding staff confirmed

Jane Zhang staff wedding invitations.

tengxunyule· 2016-10-08 11:14:51

" concert released earlier Jane Zhang Feng Ke and romance Tencent

entertainment news recently, Jane Zhang Feng Ke traced the wedding will be held in Italy in November 9th, there has been some people received an invitation. In this regard, the media to Jane Zhang studio staff confirmation, the other confirmed the news is true. In July 4th

2015, in BANG the World Changsha concert, Jane Zhang and Feng Ke's relationship formally, Jane Zhang sings "at the scene until finally you" this song, suddenly announced romance with Feng Ke. It is reported that Feng Ke is president of Beijing less city times culture communication company, he had a marriage, divorce in 2005, his ex-wife with a child has been moved overseas.

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