Samsung looks very much like the HUAWEI VR, experience in the end how?

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phone brand, after Samsung, LG, Huawei also into the field of virtual reality (VR), launched the own virtual reality products. Style= color: "inherit
4 15, HUAWEI in the P9's National Conference on the launch of a VR HUAWEI virtual reality glasses. Today, foreign media Techradar to bring it to the evaluation of the start, tell you this looks like VR HUAWEI VR Gear, experience in the end how to.

appearance and use experience
Huawei this Huawei VR appearance, keyboard layout with Samsung launched gear VR similar. Style= color: "inherit
according to the Techrader to get started experience report, VR HUAWEI wearing feeling also with VR Gear similar. If the user can get used to the sense of wearing VR Gear, then it can also adapt to the VR HUAWEI.
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similarly, Huawei VR of the front panel is a touch screen, for users to do some simple single operation. Style= color: "inherit
HUAWEI said at the press conference, VR HUAWEI support calls, SMS, WeChat and other functions. Users to achieve this operation and the use of a key switch in these applications, only the touch screen to do the corresponding sliding gestures can be. In addition, the right side of the VR HUAWEI has a return key, a key to return to the main interface function. Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px overall, VR HUIAWEI in the comfort of the wearer, the reasonableness of the control has better performance. May be similar to the VR Gear relationship, so that this new product is more likely to be accepted. If you are a VR Gear user or a familiar VR VR Gear player, I believe you can quickly adapt to the VR HUAWEI.

HUAWEI VR in a larger characteristic is it use surround sound simulation technology. It has a completely new design of surround sound simulation system. Even with the ordinary headphones, it can be a more real bad sound.
aiming at this point, the user experience in the field is of the targeted experience, find the function or very susceptible to outside interference, as long as the voice of the outside world is noisy, the effect will be is not obvious.
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however, this also may be to users to choose headphones on. If you choose some of the sound insulation effect of better headphones to experience, believe that the effect will be to enhance the. After all, users can not go on the road to use virtual reality glasses, naturally, there is no need to worry about the impact of the headset will affect the safety of this point.
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quality, Huawei VR performance or failed to make people satisfied. The use of the phone is the use of HUAWEI Plus P9, which uses the 1080P, PPI 401. Users in the first person to experience the design of the VR HUAWEI game, HUAWEI picture fluency is OK, but there is not too much on the screen stunning and shock. After all, in the camp VR Galaxy, S7 Gear is equipped with a 577 2K PPI screen, the effect will be better than VR HUAWEI to a lot of.
in this regard. Techrader said:
"although users always said, 2k and 1080p showed little difference, in order to life will choose 1080p rather than 2K. However, the difference in the resolution of the VR on the gap is still great. As the galaxy S7 and Huawei P9 plus contest, P9 plus is the quality of the contest lost. This can illustrate the screen resolution, shows the importance of the effect of VR. So, if you want to make VR HUAWEI to enhance the strength, it is estimated that there will be waiting for P10 or other higher resolution of the phone appears."

the contents of the application

< section style =": inherit; font size: inherit; margin: 32px 5px; line-height: 28px; "> content, Huawei's approach is established an open platform, for developers to provide support to attract developers and develop more content for this platform. However, HUAWEI has not yet made more soldiers on this open platform, VR HUAWEI is now also provides a test with the game, video.
this, Huawei just in the conference commitments, the future users to provide more than 4000 free movies, 350 a panoramic picture, 150 panoramic roaming, 40 free games. These, only to be able to be verified after.

HUAWEI VR on screen fluency, wearing comfort all have good experience, new surround system also is a kind of innovation, these are its advantages. The main causes of

but, support device's resolution is not high enough, the image quality is not enough to shock, this is let Huawei VR drop points in the experience.
, Huawei this support models according to sub version of independence from the sale of this practice, also let Huawei VR become a bit "unreasonable". If the user in the future to choose to upgrade models, or buy a series of other mate or other P series models were found not available, the user experience is still relatively large blow.
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based on the above two points, Huawei VR overall performance also count only is quite satisfactory, but do not break. It is similar to that of the Gear and other VR surges in contrast, or some of the missing. Interested users of this product, in the choice to be a good attention to. Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
even with the HUAWEI P9, your choice is not necessarily the only one.

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