The emperor SKY was not handsome brush barrage if the wind, anger buy Beauty camera

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17173youxi· 2016-10-08 11:52:22


emperor SKY, gaming legend.

gaming has two people, one named Wang Sicong, the other one is SKY.

SKY" to let people have a new understanding of gaming, countries also see gaming as a sport project. It can be said that SKY has made a great contribution to gaming. Class= img_box "

we all know, SKY and WE are inextricably linked. The WE founder Zhou Hao and panda TV cooperation, so after the contract expires, SKY job hopping to the panda TV.

SKY panda TV Premiere kuangsong gifts, but also a barrage of brush up SKY if the wind not handsome, SKY refused to accept this, directly bought online beauty camera. But if the wind but happy bad, directly to the 1W5 sent a gift of SKY, it is really proud ah. Class= img_box "

regardless of SKY in which the platform, as long as it is true love powder, will follow the.

with the SKY job hopping, many anchor contract expires, the broadcast industry is a contract.

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