On the screen "stream": the Long March movie to know how much

The Long March the screen the spirit of the Long March 1986 reconstruct history

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80 years ago, Gansu Province, 3 teams come together to complete an exciting conference division, also completed a miracle in the history of mankind. This miracle is a very touching, firm and indomitable name - the long march. Over the snow capped mountains, hidden dangers of grass, such as waterfall rapids of the river, but eagle-eyed soldiers struggling, shabby in dress, forced march large forces, strategizing leader, gunsmoke, heroic sacrifice...... Push in, pulled away from the camera, the screen, a group of mobile screen, constitute a tears of blood ruin Zhang or long narrative. Because the amount of sacrifice, because of extremely hard and bitter, because beyond the limit, the long march has grown from a historical event evolved into a culture and spirit, in the text, on the stage, the image is repeated interpretation, everbright.

as a very visual impact force and situational appeal of the art form, in telling the story of the Long March, the spirit of the Long March, the film has a unique advantage. Therefore, since the new Chinese was established, the theme of the long march film formed on the screen "stream", the emergence of many classic works. 80 years is up in the continuation of the history and present of the light travels, re construct the meaning of the long march spirit to the audience, and "the sun" the vast river "war" "warrior" "teacher" if Congress cadres have or the upcoming tribute film. On the screen, a new upsurge of long march from surging delay.

multi view to open from the 1959 release of "the trials of a long journey" Dadu River "," four Chishui "Qilian Mountains" echo "" Grassland "" broken hoofs "Jinsha" water film "" Long March "" my long march "to the end" and "revolutionary cadres if has the classic era the meaning or value of art innovation works, the formation of several long narrative wave on the screen.

has 4 kinds of narrative point of view: one, the long march. In 1996 the "Long March", the perspective of the film mainly produced before 1980s, such as "Wujiang" "breakthrough" the trials of a long journey "Jinsha River. "" the trials of a long journey to reproduce the Dadu "" flying from Luding Bridge "climbed snow Grassland" and "natural barrier Lazikou" to capture "Wuqi" and other famous historical events. Because it is mainly based on historical facts, the film has the nature of documentary film. Two, the reproduction of military thinking. At the beginning of the 1980s work, from the perspective of the use of more, such as "Dadu River" four Chishui "is the focus of Mao Zedong's military thought was. Three, to reshape the image of the leader. This is a popular narrative research in 1990s. Such as "water of Jinsha" "Yihai alliance is in the spirit of burden", and disagreement, rich and broad mind world leaders to explore. Four, to show the individual special experience. After entering in twenty-first Century, "the heart years", "my long march", "the revolution in the end" and other films effectively open up the narrative space and vision. "My long march" in the hero series of lost loved ones, to show the "tragic and heroic bloodshed in Xiangjiang". "Revolution in the end" is based on the true story of the story, the story of love and revolution is swaying.

and the 4 narrative point of view roughly corresponds to the long march film has also formed a stage of the characteristics of the style. Before 1980s, emphasis on political; the beginning of 1980s, has been a major breakthrough, to 1990s, the pursuit of humanity; epic; the beginning of the twenty-first Century is diversified. From the time clue, with the trend of ideological liberation and artistic innovation, the narrative resources of the long march film have been greatly enriched and expanded. Multi perspective, not only to meet the expectations of the audience, but also to promote the development of the long march movie.

cultural consumption structure details of the interpretation of the historical landscape of

in the moment, the young audience is undoubtedly the main market, which puts forward higher requirements on their creative historical imagination. Looking for the gap in history, breaking the stereotype of the narrative, imagination is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon. In respect of historical facts, the premise of how to send the imagination, is the artist's ability. This imagination, not just the ability of fictional characters and stories, and more is filled with moving details and reconstruction of the history of the ability. Big history is really moving, is often the strength of the details. Read "Schindler's list" of the audience, will not forget the red girl, when Schindler was to see that the Jews in Nazi red, close-up is how moving the power to convey a deep-seated anger and sadness! This is the moving details. Such details, rich in meaningful and profound symbolic significance.

in the Long March movie theme, the meaningful moving details is relatively less, directing more force in natural horns, war scenes, characters, the details of the carefullyconstructing insufficient. However, the 81 film studio upcoming "warrior" let us see the creator in the details of the design originality. The film will be a few important shots, have given a special equipment - literacy board. The story opens, the characters are not appeared, the lens alignment literacy board hanging on the back of each soldier, the literacy board reads "farmers" "parents" "Hometown" and other simple words. Accourding to the critical moment, the head of the soldiers asked lightly forward, focusing lens quietly lying on the ground with the words "to" "difficult" "to" "fearless" and "faith" and other words of the literacy board, then, only a foot from the past "difficult". At the end of the movie, the Red Army crossed the Dadu River, a member of the hair hanging onto the front board for literacy soldiers on the back of a "Red Army" two words. They taught a young soldier to read another piece of literacy board -- "revolution". At this time, a lot of literacy boards, hanging on the back of different soldiers. "Land" and "home" "gun" "justice" "life" and "the future" of "democracy" and "nation" and "state" and "glorious" "sacrifice" ideal ""...... The shot is rolled over the words. The 3 times of literacy board details, clever account soldiers born and joined the revolutionary cause, rendering their side is not afraid of difficulties, brave and fearless spirit, and strategies to express their beliefs and ultimate goal of revolution. "Warrior", Dadu, flying wins Luding Bridge is historical restatement of desalination, and the spirit of the long march in little literacy to get a deep plate in the most incisive expression.

individual experience rich depth of the long march is a group of historical events, but each group is composed of a single individual, collective spirit, action, dilemma, interests, individuals face what situation? What kind of spiritual struggle has experienced? In the face of hardship or hope, how the individual self placement? How to self transcendence? These are probably the same as the individual's audience is most concerned about and easy to accept.

once said in his book Cassirer's "theory": "art and history is the most powerful tool for us to explore the human nature." The use of the long march film on the tool, beginning in 1986 of the "grass" and the 1987 "horse chestnut broken". "Grass", Huang Su Chi finally quietly tore often judgment, is a highly individual struggling choice. Zhang Guotao was sentenced to death is often on the red army cadres responsible for escorting his Huang Su's task is to send him to the end of life. However, Chi often transcend the personal dilemma, one for the public, care for comrades is better than their words and deeds, not in every hour and moment impress Huang Su, let the decision about Huang su. This is a man of war, is the fierce battle of the inner. Finally, starvation and illness have fallen Huang Su, in the last moments of his life saved often with Chi, personal way of fixed organization exists in his head and collective decision error. "Broken hoofs" focused on the long road to a special small group -- a few left behind women. Such a special selection and perspective, the achievement of a distinctive long march narrative. The female physiological weak innate and emotional needs, so that every individual distress have a reasonable explanation, the story and persistent pursuit and abandoned so that they always face an impasse in life, for life in despair. Separate from the collective fear, helplessness, despair, hope, faith, adhere to, in the process of individual Ben left and right in the process of looking for a way out, particularly disturbing, emotional. Thus, "the grass" and "broken horse" in the Long March movie, has the special significance. After a short silence, 1980s on the screen of the individual cry, have echoed in the early twenty-first Century. "Heart" in the years of love, yingzi covenant "my long march" in the eyes of the little people of history, can be described as loud echo.

in fact, the difficulties faced by each individual in the Long March, there are 3 types: the struggle against nature, the struggle against the enemy, and the struggle against the enemy. In these 3 kinds of difficulties, the most valuable, but also the most did not get the full performance of the people and their own contest. Only to the people themselves, explores the individual life in trouble, in the desperate struggle and struggle to get respect for human values, human nature is to highlight the glory.

in addition to a diverse perspective, the details of the meaning of the individual experience, in recent years, the long march film in the camera language also has a new attempt. For example, "my long march" opening, "battle of Xiangjiang" 5 minute long shot, highlighting the brutality of war; "warrior" in the red and the white war deployed several groups of parallel montage, accelerate the rhythm of the narrative and plot tension. Good martial arts design is adapted to the tastes of young viewers, increasing the ornamental. Many directors choose to march to the real shooting, not only enhances the visual effect of reality, and let the actors to experience a long and hard, from the inside and outside of the long march spirit recognition. This attempt, but also to attract the audience into the theater aspect.

Long March story, the spirit of the long march as the tip of the sea, after more than half a century of artistic practice, the long march film show may be just the tip of the iceberg. When the gradual opening of the spirit of the times and the artist's idea, the Long March movie artistic appearance and the connotation of the theme will be increasingly broad and rich.