The door of a belated wedding

The company Zhou Tao Zhang Jun love the sentinel class

· 2016-10-08 12:48:55

wedding ceremony site

in October 5th, is located in the border, known as the "western the first whistle", Muhana bianfanglian sentinel class laughter, blessing constantly, a simple and solemn ceremony is being held.

dressed in military uniform groom is this company's confidential staff Zhou Tao, a white wedding the bride is a company resident in Wuqia County Archives Bureau staff Zhang Jun.

Zhou Tao 2004 military academy to company office, as the company's confidential staff, he put the "far, bitter place, is a good place for example" as their motto, has been named the "advanced individual superiors".

2012, female college students after graduation Zhang Jun voluntarily came to the "first in the West Township Wuqia County Kyrgyzstan root, a chance to meet Zhou Tao, never fall in love.

two of the original plan this year 51 wedding, is to catch up with Zhou Tao where the company built the road patrol, due to the construction task, personnel in less, Zhou Tao offered to delay marriage, devote yourself to the company's work.

after a lapse of three months, when two people again to discuss the Bayi wedding, Zhang Jun as the backbone of the business unit was sent to Urumqi to participate in business training, the wedding again postponed.

not long ago, the head of Zhang Junrong to the company to inspect and guide the work, to understand the situation, decided to National Day during the wedding of Zhou Tao and Zhang Jun in the "western the first whistle" sentinel class.

"married frontier soldiers, means and lonely, and lonely, Zhou Tao loved the border, I would like to use life to protect our love not easily won......" At the wedding ceremony, Zhang Jun heartfelt confession won the applause of the officers and men of the stage. (Chen Jincai, Liu Shen, Zhang Qiang)