The Liu Xuan family portrait "valiant" first appeared full of happiness

Liu Xuan full family portrait birthday wishes

fenghuangyule· 2016-10-08 14:08:13

three Liu Xuan family photo

10 8 July, the Olympic champion Liu Xuan in the micro-blog sun retro family portrait, sent to "valiant" baby son birthday wishes. In the photo, Gao Yan Liu Xuan couple values to steal the spotlight, it is just over a year old "valiant" first appearance, very handsome. In this regard, friends have sent a birthday wish: "baby fast! It's so cute. "

Liu Xuan micro-blog screenshot

last year was born Liu Xuan valiantly, had issued a document said: "more than ten years of work field somersault rotation, also fought more than ten years, have been busy with the race of life. This time, I want to slow down, to a mother's identity, to love and talk more baby. This is a gift of life to us is also a sublimation. "

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