Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng play called sister into the warm man Wang Feng win

Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng sister oil agent

fenghuangyule· 2016-10-08 14:08:16

" Zhang Ziyi smiled at Wang Feng

Phoenix Entertainment news first "new song" bird's nest China finals last night in fierce battle, eventually, Wang Fengzhan Jiang Dunhao became the new champion team. In class VCR, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng intimate interaction, "said Wang Feng called spoiled sister, Chongni eyes can not hide, was dubbed the" ultimate weapon of the Wang Feng team can win. "

"Zhang Ziyi looking into Wang Feng

in the" new song "China finals VCR, visit students Zhang Ziyi Jiang Dunhao and Xu Geyang close to give presents, makeup hair guide, selling and adorable little show a loving. Wang Feng tells Zhang Ziyi to visit the set of students to say "teacher Zi Yi she may to you … …" the voice was still unfinished, Zhang Ziyi immediately said "playful call my sister is good. "Wang Feng then Chongni said" good, good, call my sister, my name is a bit awkward, Zhang Ziyi then hand Tuosai wittily said, "you can call my sister … …" and also feel shy smile, although Wang Feng said nothing, is immediately by hand with a smile Zhang Ziyi's arm, two couples little action, others envy.

and Zhang Ziyi all smiled at Wang Feng for students to teach, teach students pronunciation, listening to Wang Feng cheats, in the eyes of love more worship, is on Youku users to see live called "the strongest oiling agent". More friends joked Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng for the worship and love simply can not be received! "

and win, Wang Feng also immediately expressed his gratitude to Zhang Ziyi" the son of the whole dream team sent me warm, gave me a lot of help, help them to guide, pick clothes. Very happy she can do so, this kind of warmth is particularly true, thank her. "Jay Chou broke in the finals by Zi Yi backstage:" we talked about half an hour, there is talk to the teacher Wang Feng style, become lively, I also asked her is not because of your relationship. She said, of course, because of me. Haha, a joke. "

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