EXO small element of the new shape? Mint grapefruit propped up the hair by Yan Min value

Squad hair style

aiqiyipaocaibang· 2016-10-08 22:14:40

by XIUMIN, CHEN, bakhyuns consisting of EXO first team is being prepared, held today at the 2016DMC Festival in rehearsal, three members of the new hair color has attracted the attention of buddies.

only show a little red bakhyuns, confidential work done very well

CHEN, defined as a temporary Jarhead?

1.6; "and the most to steal the spotlight the fresh mint XIUMIN! really good brother Yan buddy can easily manage all kinds of hair color! Look forward to the follow-up team performance on the stage of

click on the left "; read the original ", can watch > the

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Iqiyi (paocaibang

) - pickled cabbage.
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