Forty-two year old Hawick Lau to play the juvenile? The "old boys" really have no sense of violation

Hawick Lau

xinlangyule· 2016-10-08 22:22:55

open the new Liu milo! Come look at hot photos! Style= line-height: "25.6px >

Yes, this is the costume drama! Like Liu Shushu's face is relatively long, the other is not so bright at first glance!

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maintenance skill is still not bad, you know he played this role, according to the book powder revealed that is a boy...

so the forty year old Hawick Lau playing the role of youth in the end there is no sense of violation, only can wait and see this movie broadcast.

but know your circle of male stars sometimes because of the plot to play some roles and the actual age, it is easy to turn right is tucao.. />

is read novels like Jun Ling, brother is not a teenager, but also more than and 20 years old.

Ling brother died, fans of science but also in early 20, when (like _ person) with

combined with the drama of the story, the fans directly to Tucao after nine years, the children became more than and 40 years old...

OK, also have the feeling of casual and elegant bearing!

but with baby is a bit like "

this... (95 after the children may not know, Lu Yi in ten years ago that is my male god!!!)

Zhong Hanliang as a teenager, but his part did not broadcast, I used to see him overbearing president.

but saw what Zhong Hanliang is adorable ah right!!!

but it stills, the eyes of fine lines or betrayed small age. WOW (like _ person) with

shadow version of" energy-saving ", Huang Xiaoming is really from the youth to play the president handed! Yes, I know that everyone was attracted by this, Yang Mi's haircut..

the truth of this young leader looks okay, not enough sense of violation.

but let me in the two young overbearing president and choose one, or the former!

Peter Ho played before a military theme TV series, which played a son Zhang Lu, with two frame style is this:

but the fact that Peter Ho was nearly 5 years older than Luyi Zhang ah!!!

this combination is also quite curious? So sometimes I really can not see the face ah! I just haven't seen the show, do not know in which Peter Ho and a sense of violation is heavy!

finally interactive, do you think the most nominated play young male stars no sense of violation!

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Yang Mi Hawick Lau daughter small glutinous rice for the first time exposure, fast to see, like a big power, or like uncle Liu?

Yang Mi" divorce ", Liu Yifei" broke up "... Get news than my aunt is style=" line-height: 25.6px;

< span style=" font-size: 14px; "> read the original text as Jun personal micro-blog, you can click, look, can Laoke

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