5 adorable baby sing "because of love" hits, good cry......

Because of love

yulejie· 2016-10-08 22:42:00

in river drift, everywhere there is dirt!

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watermelon head girl" smelly "generation Wen Qi, have big feet and two people wearing the pattern of father parent-child t-shirt.

but occasionally eyes to outside the picture looked like the lyrics, the little girl ringing, childish, occasionally pronunciation, for example, the" face "singing" the year ", the" vicissitudes of life "singing" cold ", but it is precisely this occasionally is inarticulate.

but is this song and the chorus "because of love" was uploaded to the network, it touched countless friends.

in June 2012, only less than four years old and her father chorus" because of love "go infrared, also sang" you are my eyes "

such beautiful songs too adorable mud friends enjoy it! Style= text-align:center "

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5 adorable baby sing "because of love" hits, good cry......