Holidays to be over, but also began to prepare the crowd of Nanjing exhibition.


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long and short holiday will be over!

you quickly come back to work! Style= text-align: "center

October and a lot of things waiting to be done!

as these years we had to chase the Nanjing exhibition!

as the year of the electric car industry exam period, Nanjing has always been the enterprise "do things" ~

"innovation, development, globalization" as the theme of the 2016 thirty-fourth Jiangsu Chinese International new energy electric vehicles and Parts Fair (referred to as Su intersection, commonly known as the October Nanjing exhibition), will be held on October 21st to 23 at the Nanjing International Expo Center Hold. Sue is one of a handful of rendezvous and exhibition industry, with the electric car industry leader said, the exhibition projects involving bicycles, electric bicycle, electric tricycle, low-speed four wheel and new energy electric vehicles, the achievements of the new energy to electric integrated electric vehicle exhibition series.

current electric car industry affected by the market reshuffle intensified, has entered the fast lane change, transient opportunities. On the one hand is the product technology updates significantly faster, intelligence has become a critical point, new technology, new products emerge in an endless stream (Intelligent Cloud electric cars, electric cars, electric cars, experiential function remote security monitoring (APP) GPS, ultra quiet anti speed intelligent controller); on the other hand, the market trend is the user experience to promote electric vehicles the industry needs to be more close to the market, security, service, become the high-end enterprise to continue to compete in the market segments of the highlands; in addition, the height of the development of domestic industry is mature enough, China electric vehicle industry in overseas markets need stimulation, therefore, this year's Nanjing show "globalization" into the theme.

in the booth, the diversification of the intersection of 2016 Su booths are still sought after, this year is likely to create a new record booth area. A single booth, "2014 Nanjing Exhibition" Emma won the first prize, 1980 square meters of exhibition area has become the 4000 largest when; flat booth 2015 record Yadi electric car industry to create a Yadi electric car museum in Nanjing; it is reported that in 2016 the largest booth will be the flowers of Taiwan bell electric car, then Taiwan bell "key and future" brand the new global strategy conference will be held as scheduled. Small series of inventory of the past two years of the Soviet Union, to see if you have seen the Nanjing show this year, what changes occur.


2014" Nanjing Exhibition "with the stars shining. Describe a little too, this is really the" Star "- star. Emma Kim Su Hyon from the stars "gift" premiere, Yadi new Lee Min Ho Knight promo, Chinese music superstar Lee Hom Luyuan together, Honglei Sun invited the scene Yongneng electric meeting will be held, Kang Yang battery hired Wu Jing endorsement and so on, the whole industry seems to be returning to high time star endorsement a few years ago.


this exhibition hall eight or nine is basically a tricycle electric tricycle business enterprises occupy, including Jin Peng, Zong Shen, Yufeng, Pepsi and other car companies, the exhibition area is constantly expanding, let people feel the whole situation of electric tricycle exhibitors like open" crazy mode". At the same time bidewen bring its three industry strong landing, occupying 3250 square meters large popularity exhibition booth, with interactive luxury whole category of product lineup and bursting with popularity, opened a new chapter in the industry transformation and upgrading.


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