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tengxunshuma· 2016-10-09 04:07:03

(Ben) digital news Tencent Google recently launched a series of new Pixel mobile phone, to achieve a unified planning and designation of hardware products, Nexus series and bid farewell to the user.

Pixel phone with the previously leaked Marlin Nexus completely different, more fresh and stylish, and even with Apple's iPhone series looks somewhat similar, the outside world is also widely known as Google's iPhone".

in addition to the flagship level of hardware, Pixel mobile phone will be the first to get the Android version of the update, which is the Nexus era will be the advantage of. However, a not so "iPhone" part is: you can not get up to 4 years of software updates.

" in Google Pixel mobile phone on the page clearly marked: Piexl and Pixel XL will get security updates from the operating system upgrade, the launch of its two years of three years. And iPhone? IOS 10 launched this year, 5 years ago (2011) listed on the 4S iPhone to stop the update. Yes, 4 years, this is Apple's system to update the iPhone life cycle, although some of these features are missing.

obviously, this is definitely not conducive to an important factor in the sale of Google Pixel mobile phone.

imagine if you spend 5288 yuan to buy the 32GB version of iPhone 7, the mobile phone hardware without damage, can be used for at least 4 years (in fact, the father was still using the elimination of 4S, without any damage to hardware). And with the same level of price to buy Pixel, the basic need to replace 2 years.

maybe some people will say, I will replace the phone in two years, and then Pixel to deal with. But in fact, in the case of the same price, the average consumer is more inclined to choose the system software life cycle longer products. In the Android field, most OEM vendors will only provide a system version update service, Google should make an example.

source: phonearena

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