Russian media: at Belt and Road Initiative crept beauty scissors

Scissors area aircraft unmanned aerial vehicle

xinhuawang· 2016-10-09 06:24:58

Russian media said, a lock, but not every step of the adventure, is spread in South Asia, intended to weaken the strength China. Washington urged Afghanistan and India to implement the "Chinese alliance, constraints The Belt and Road" strategy. This game of chess trick is to fan the flames in the local insurrection, increasingly rampant extremism. Schematic diagram of

"Belt and Road Initiative".

Russian military observer published an article said, Beijing has launched a "The Belt and Road" initiative to make us feel uneasy, Washington is deliberately hide, it's clear.

article said that the United States is in the hands of the geopolitical grinding scissors, Afghanistan and India is that it can open and close to double, it will be used to cut the silk road is the weakest link in Pakistan. Last year, Beijing and Islamabad signed a series of agreements to build the economic corridor between China and pakistan. The project will connect China with the Middle East, greatly reducing the distance of transport. In Beijing, a new alternative transportation line is about survival, because the United States continue to create tension in the Southeast Asian region, the sea channel may be closed at any time. Because the project has a unique significance, the original very close relationship between China and Pakistan will be further strengthened, and not only in the economic field.

the United States and India are in full swing to the anti - Pakistan and Anti China treaty. At the end of August, the two countries signed a memorandum of agreement on Logistics exchanges. The full text of the document has not been released, but has announced the terms have been enough to let us draw the conclusion: the two countries close to the military in the hitherto unknown, India allowed U.S. warplanes and warships use its military bases to refueling, maintenance and supplies, or used in a joint exercise.

article said that Afghanistan should be the starting point for adventure action. The United States and its puppet in Kabul play a decisive role in this area, and they do not want to achieve national reconciliation in Afghanistan. Afghan authorities and the Taliban launched a dialogue last year, China and Pakistan as the middle of the completion of the task had not been possible to complete the task - so that the two sides to sit at the negotiating table.

in the peace process, the results show the occasion, the United States released the Taliban leader Mullah · the death of Omar, then Taliban's internal power and let the peace initiative come to nothing. Only a few months later, the talks resumed in Beijing and Islamabad, but Kabul and Washington began to open negotiations.

Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar · Mansoor's death for the peace process ended. In May 21st, he was killed by U.S. drones in Afghanistan and the Pakistan border. If in the leadership of Mansoor period, Taliban and the Islamic state and other extremist organizations whose death led to feel irreconcilable hatred, extremism in Taliban.

article said that the negotiations broke down and the extreme faction in Taliban's victory so that the United States to complete a number of tasks at once. On the one hand, there is an excuse to maintain the military presence. Not long ago, Washington has also promised to reduce the Afghan garrison to 5500 people by 2017. Now, this decision has changed. Nearly 10 thousand troops will stay in the 9 base indefinitely. In addition, the United States also sent to Afghanistan aircraft, and expand their own army authority: they were directly involved in combat operations.

on the other hand, in the middle of the civil war in Afghanistan trapped in the same time, Washington has been to the surrounding areas of the opportunity to export unrest, and achieved initial results. In August 8th, a hospital in Pakistan, the capital of Balochistan province, Quetta terrorist attacks, an explosion killed 93 people in Pakistan, Taliban branch of the "free conference" claimed responsibility.

article said that all this shows that similar messages will often be sent to curb geopolitical rivals influence as the goal of the United States prepared to allow the region to fall into chaos - from the side of the clever control of chaos.

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