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"as a leading cadres in the Party committee work for many years, what is the pursuit of what? "

" you develop from a municipal key young cadres, to illegal astray, who influenced you most? "

face discipline officers asked Wu Qibai speechless.

and at this moment, his "Iron Man" Zhang Yongzheng was detained in the detention center, account theft battery car through.

is a township party secretary career, one is without the unemployed social idlers, the latter for the former act evilly in collusion with, brainwashing, distorted the former values, the former and the latter to use his power for their own profit, both eventually reached the point of no return. In July

2016, Hubei Province, Qianjiang City Commission announced, Wu Qibai served during the high stone town party secretary, due to serious violation of discipline, was expelled from the party, transferred to judicial organs according to law.

"official is to be rich." -

1997 distorted values, Wu Qibai was admitted to the Qianjiang Municipal Office for work, he 26 years old, this is a rare opportunity. Through hard work and hard work, he gradually grew up from a new recruit into the backbone of the theoretical and Policy Research of municipal Party committee office. In 2007, was named "Qianjiang Ten Outstanding Youth", and was promoted to Deputy Secretary General of the municipal Party committee. In September 2011, was sent to the high stone town served as party secretary. On tissue culture, Wu Qibai heart is full of gratitude, he vowed: smug, must live up to the trust of the organization and reuse, good service party people.

Wu Qibai took the lead post, junior high school students Zhang Yong often invited him to eat and drink with the boss, just started Wu Qibai is rejected.

"you see, now the leadership, which side do not have a few boss to make friends? For what officials, is not to be rich? Do not know a few bosses, how do you make a fortune? "When Wu Qibai refused, Zhang Yong What one says is plausible.

just transferred to the high stone town, Zhang Yong, about a few boss Wu Qibai hosted a banquet for celebration. "High stone project a lot of projects, you are now the number one, you can take care of, there is a wealth of people together. During the meeting, Wu Qibai active please bosses.

see bosses drove luxury cars and star hotels and high-end clubs, extravagant life, look at yourself, hard for so many years, is still very poor, Wu Qibai's thought began to shake, that should be considered for yourself "".

his heart desires get ready to, wanted to find a chance to "fortune".

2012, Wu Qibai chose a value of 500 thousand yuan villa, but suffer from the hands of money. Zhang Yong know, take the initiative from the owner of a hand in the hands of 500 thousand yuan to give him.

Wu Qibai feel wrong, Zhang Yongquan said: "it does not matter, you are now the number one, when the time to give a few projects let him do it. I do you rest assured! "Wu Qibai took the money.

2013, under the introduction of Wu Qibai, Zhang Yong violation of discipline, to participate in the community to raise funds to raise 1 million yuan of funds to lend, a total income of 240 thousand yuan.

Wu Qibai at this time, "people in the heart of the camp", followed by the boss every day mix, an idea is rich, step by step into the abyss doomed eternally.

"life is for pleasure" -

Wu Qibai, a distorted view of life in the office of the municipal office, due to the need to work, often work overtime, rarely take care of the family. But he has a good wife, the home care is arranged in good order an obedient son; often, to follow his example and pride.

to the high stone tablet, Wu Qibai with the bosses are more and more frequent contact, very envious of the boss's way of life, the idea of fun in the minds of the gradual expansion. Gradually, he took more time and money spent on food all day long scene of debauchery, with an excuse to work, it is the love of pleasure.

son this is not understood, many times with his comments, even writing wrote: "Dad, I hope you do not eat, drink outside, spend more time with us. "His wife always exhorted him to be cautious, do not violate Party discipline and the bottom line. But Wu Qibai couldn't hear a word.

in Zhang Yong's lead, he began to take the initiative and some of the opposite sex friends, and eventually break the bottom line of ethics and discipline, and more than the opposite sex, the relationship between the sexes, completely sink.

"courageous people don't need to behave" --

2012 distorted view of discipline at the end of the year, considering Zhang Yong, Lin boss this year for him to pay a lot, Wu Qibai intends to high stone town house road road construction project for them, but there is a big controversy in the content of the discussion. Things are not going well.

"when the number one is to say what you mean. "Zhang Yong's words to Wu Qibai great stimulation.

in the second party committee discussion, although there is still controversy, Wu Qibai insisted on forced forward, without bidding under the condition of direct project to the construction of Lin and Zhang Yong. In the same year, and without bidding, will be high stone tablet town of health service stations to the expansion project and residential building development projects to Zhang Yong. Gao Shi town Party committee internal differences increasingly large, more and more discussion on the community.

Wu Qibai believes that grassroots work has its particularity, too many rules will be bound hands and feet, in order to complete the work of the task, the appropriate violation of the discipline is to forgive. The party's eighteen, he repeatedly talk a lot of nonsense in public: "unruly, efforts to promote the work of the weak point; enterprising people, efforts to promote large, illegal problem is more, to create a business environment to engage in people. "

Qianjiang city leaders repeatedly to find Wu Qibai talk, and timely criticism of his wrong words and deeds of education. However, he did not listen to the organization's reminders and criticism, still do not converge, do not accept the hand.

2013, he and the high stone town of Ruan Guangmei, former deputy secretary of the Party committee administered by the original owners Liu Ruxuan gang up through the fictional environmental protection, land, and other projects, taking the land consolidation project of special funds, the state environmental protection funds, trying to set up illegal accounts, amounting to a total of more than 200 yuan, for their gifts of public funds, and personal consumption.

2016 in June, that the City Commission for Discipline Inspection in the investigation on its own, Wu Qibai also luck, in violation of political discipline, collusion closure, concealing the facts of discipline, until a large amount of evidence before it had to bow. (Qiu Xianjun)

said "with the discipline, such as into the room full of fragrant orchids long and not smell its fragrance, and not good, such as; the objectionable environment without its foul smell for a long time. "A shoulder trust, the party secretary of the party in power is a friend, sly have neither learning nor skill into the abyss of corruption, distraught.

the reason is Wu Qibai's ideal belief, relax to own request, in life and work, do not dig lung and heart, not to the people of learning to learn, but all with the boss is, resulting in distorted values, ideals and beliefs, collapse, finally reached the point of no return. Wu Qibai warns us that party members and cadres to purify the circle of friends, more friends, good friends, not bad, had friends, in the spirit of efforts in honest efforts to complement the spirit of calcium, always upright man.

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