Shandong's rural wedding is now a luxury car fleet stretching hundreds of meters cited onlookers


tengxun· 2016-10-09 14:57:22

2016" in October 8th, a village wedding in Shandong Province, Binzhou City, more than 10 Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other luxury cars consisting of luxury wedding team, team stretches more than 100 meters, this is not the width of the rural roads jammed, attracted many villagers who heard the crowd. Oriental IC

stopped in the village of luxury wedding car, and the villagers came with joy.

Village Road side drying crops such as corn on the cob, the other side is a procession of occupation.

stopped in the village along the banks of the wedding car. Class= img_box "

team in the BMW five series cars.

" many villagers crowd the wedding scene, the scene is very lively.

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