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Faye Wong Liu Yifei Lin Chiling actress

beiqingwangyule· 2016-10-10 07:11:49

actress good dance skills are also they feel in the entertainment circle of the capital, to see these "flexible" of the stars, who the word horse posture the highest difficulty?

" Lin Chiling

Zhang Huiwen

Zhang Huiwen: the new Mou girl Zhang Huiwen had Fasu Yan word horse micro-blog to interact with the fans stunned friends. Micro-blog, wrote: "the tie series: A. Ordinary girls B. Female man C. Wonderful flower woman (guess which one is my true style? ) "in the photo, Zhang Huiwen makeup mirror, skin supple white, and in the photo are demonstration tie squat, on the table, and the vertical leg tie on the column" the word horse "tie, many fans expressed love C options," wonderful flower woman "" horse "is really a stunned pals, more netizens said that every kind of love.


small flags small flags: a small flags in Tian Qinxin "under the Hawthorn Tree" rehearsal time show the word horse Xiurou. The makeup she braid a plait a head, pure and lovely. For the performance of the body has been used, the first mouth to say lines, it is very nervous.

": in August 2014, Huang Shengyi Huang Shengyi in the micro-blog show the word horse splits according to the United States: "exercise, sweating. Photo, Huang Shengyi wearing a sexy Camisole sportswear, standing at the side, the leg 180 degrees up, show the word horse, so fans shouted good softness. And friends advised Huang Shengyi to participate in the ice bucket challenge: "the goddess to barrels of ice".

Faye Wong: April 2013, after Faye Wong micro-blog broke one of his word horse fitness photo attracted hot, one of the biggest bright spot is that stinky feet stepped on Faye Wong's ass, anyone's guess: who is this?

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