The national dress of Warcraft fam 15 layer first kill: don't forget to early heart was always square

Wow the beginning of the heart fam wow

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while in the 7 team a copy of Chinese service because the result pioneers a variety of factors is not satisfactory, but in the new content of fam score, or game player in China have achieved very good results, only narrowly served in the United States after winning second of the world's first kill 15. Congratulations here for the efforts of the players, but also to bring you the first 15 players to kill the inner monologue, let us share with them the joy of getting this honor.

in China fam 15 layer first kill team configuration is as follows:

(catastrophe) demon hunter mage


Death Knight (blood)

Druid (Restoration) "img_box"

encountered some things in the last year, I was almost give up the world of Warcraft game, but in the end the guild's old friend's help to get a permanent frost test account of 7.0Beta, so the times intended to play, but this new model has done really well, attracted me, in balance, decided to fight again the first to determine a.

the team is our tanks, star, Sayamaya, he is Play out before the main tank, in communication after the star will more readily Promise me, after the treatment, the counter attack, because this is the guild, so talk down problem is not too big, then another two players, one by one, I contact the lobby, after that position and a variety of problems, from many people out of Kindbrother (good brother) and wind, in addition to the two teammates, I also met two US service game player, Giglr and Cornelpa, the warrior mage Yi duo, small whitefish, melody, Ay, no, Shana, rogue warriors, demon hunter fold, angry birds, warlock destroy small amulet, Knight cold Xi, small buried, and not on the priest Kurosawa (A Huang). Special thanks to the treatment of Druid Wocshard from germany. After the formation of the team is completed, running in is to spend a lot of energy, but are similar in character, so did not spend too much time.

before the official service is open, after trying to invite and his time thinking, I recruited seven Huang, but only for me, the team's heart remained unchanged, in the beginning, we would like to take this also is not to play single money, everyone just wants to play after so long WOW again, to let their own hand in a satisfactory answer, said the young, we still have dreams. After

formal clothes open service, take care of each at least 2, play 6, before the fam open, an orange dress is not we are some inner collapse, in the first week of this group and fam open at the same time, Xing Hui, the great, the good brother size still blocked for 1 weeks, but this does not affect our plan for a week, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. after a meal break, crazy FARM, etc. are installed to around 865 per capita, 3 pieces of orange dress, and Xing Hui and his brother are the core of orange.

is the first difficulty is to open the epic, RAID wind every night, this time in the formulation of the team, we are going to in the RAID period, the remaining 4 individuals continue to improve FARM, in this way, the RF2 is the head of the first treatment, the RAID has exposed many problems. So from the start of the second day, I and the emperor will participate in RAID, so time is compressed into the afternoon a lot, have time to play. Because I personally consider not thoughtful, led directly to the achievement could have been completed within second weeks, was dragged by the third week, the 15 layer of rage vicious tough Valhalla, we have 12 minutes to squeeze out the last 2 BOSS, because I personally arrange time properly, on Thursday morning, we with the world's first kill lost, pity.

at third weeks, 9, 5 in the morning, we toil day, not wrong, we took this in addition to the United States service server outside the first kill. Thank you all the way to accompany our little friends.


Beta postscript we played 15 layer (but not in time to kill), so the tactics, then we're going to take second home association, the team in the country, announced, all TMW a copy of every detail, routine, response methods and detailed description of each combination of affixes under each copy of the mobs, BOSS. Random

fam first kill is affix combination, there are 8 kinds of combination, followed by the cycle; the whole world server, serving the United States is the replacement sequence affixes the continuation of BETA, in addition to other areas outside the United States serving affixes are unified, that is to say, EU is the same with us affix .

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