Samsung plagiarism iPhone century big lawsuit will be in the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday

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of Tencent technology news in the fierce competition of intelligent mobile phone market, a "century patent litigation" has happened between Samsung and apple, the lawsuit lasted for five years, is still not the end, Samsung was initially sentenced to apple for $one billion.

, according to the U.S. News website reported today, Tuesday, this first Century will be transferred to the United States Supreme Court for the U.S. Supreme Court, Samsung still hopes to further reduce the amount of compensation. The company has received a high degree of support from the U.S. technology industry, the U.S. government.

Samsung and apple, there had been too many to count the patent litigation, and the 2011 outbreak of the lawsuit, known as the history of the most famous "century mobile patent litigation, this lawsuit involves triggered a huge controversy in the industry's appearance design patent.

Apple accused SamSung of copying its own iPhone design, including the design of the phone with a rounded rectangle design, etc.. In August 2012, the United States of California San Jose, a federal district court ruled that Samsung infringed Apple's patent, Apple needs to pay 1 billion 5 million dollars.

, however, Samsung Electronics, conducted over and over again in the proceedings, as of now, Samsung's compensation amount has been significantly reduced, but still the U.S. Supreme Court to appeal to the United states.

this Tuesday (October 11th), the United States Supreme Court will accept the case, the case hearing, mainly to listen to Samsung believes that the amount of compensation should be reduced grounds.

although this lawsuit over the past five years, but still caused concern in the science and technology industry, the reason is that this lawsuit will affect the future design of the value of the patent and compensation standards. In accordance with the conventional procedures, in the hearing four to three months later, the United States Supreme Court will be ruled.

of the Stanford University School of law professor Mark Lemley said that six years ago, if people talk about design patent, many people do not know, but Samsung and Apple's patent litigation, the design of the topic into the people's vision, design patent case is also increasing, manufacturers also won the protection of innovation.

in a 2012 ruling, the court held that the California San Jose Samsung violated Apple's patent three, rounded rectangle design, frame design including the mobile phone, and related application software icon design. After Samsung argued, the amount of compensation is $584 million.

Samsung Electronic lawyers pointed out that the smart phone is not all of the value in the design of the exterior, which features a variety of mobile phone patents also play an important role. At the beginning of the grassroots courts according to Samsung's mobile phone profits, the calculation of the appearance of the patent infringement damages, which in fact is the misuse of the United States in 1886 patent law. Before

, Apple has been criticized Samsung Electronics copied the design of the iPhone. Apple claims that the company developed a new cell phone for three years, but only three months on the successful plagiarism.

American legal experts pointed out that the design of patent litigation between Samsung and apple, will redefine the United States has a 130 year history of the design of the patent law, and to bring significant impact on the technology industry.

earlier, Apple had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reduce the amount of compensation Samsung Electronics to reduce the requirements. However, the United States Supreme Court accepted the case. Supreme Court in the past hundred years, has not been heard and the appearance of the design patent litigation.

it is worth mentioning that this lawsuit is debatable, the U.S. government and the Ministry of justice expressed support for Samsung Electronics, the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to overturn a grassroots court ruling in favor of the first apple, the case for a new trial, Samsung for the support of the United States government welcomed.

in addition to the U.S. government, the Silicon Valley technology industry is also widely supported Samsung electronics. Prior to Google, Facebook and other technology companies to provide legal documents, that if the support of Apple's design patents, will lead to more similar lawsuits in the industry, stifling industry innovation. (


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