Zhou Hongyi: how big is the bubble of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence Zhou Hongyi

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search and navigation to subsequent development, it actually had two branches, there are two important direction. />

how artificial intelligence: a bubble, not pure AI business model

Google AlphaGo chess beat South Korea's top nine master, to do a popular artificial intelligence. But we have a lot of controversy on artificial intelligence. For example, in the end the artificial intelligence is not it will bring terrible consequences? Artificial intelligence in the end to what extent? />

I am also specifically went to Seattle, went to Silicon Valley to visit the company, I did not go to Standford, Berkeley and Berkeley, eight laboratories to do some communication, I feel that the United States now the artificial intelligence will become the next industry bubble, today again do a company, you or say that they are learning, artificial intelligence in depth, you will feel shy out. In the previous two years, you have to say that they are O2O, are embarrassed to go to finance, I think this is a bubble composition. />

me for example, I communicate with them in Berkeley, today the so-called artificial intelligence is called the new wine in old bottles, in other words, the computing ability of computer enhanced, making the past algorithm has made great improvement in speed; access to today's Internet and mobile phone to collect a lot of data, and then use the deep learning algorithm. Based on big data, is actually able to produce some qualitative leap in some areas to computer, for example in image recognition, now the computer you give it one hundred thousand pictures, all beauty, give it a new photo, let it judge is not beauty. />


: with the development of artificial intelligence and intelligent hardware we have more artificial intelligence and intelligent hardware together. Only a short while ago, we think that a small hardware, put on the Android system, is intelligent hardware is not; or we put rice cookers, water purifier, washing machine through the WIFI connected with the Internet, is the interconnection of all things, this is not. In fact, the real intelligent hardware is a big data with artificial intelligence artificial brain together, making these computing power is relatively weak intelligent hardware to a better way to interact with us.

a few examples, such as smart watches, imitate the mobile phone on the watch, then a small screen allows the user to touch a variety of applications, so that each user with the same Invincible Eastern get a needle to poke the watch screen, it is not realistic. So we join in the watch function of speech recognition, the dialogue with the children, the children can watch to ask all sorts of questions, of course with child dialogue is relatively easy, because it is difficult to fool the adults, but children with dialogue, really can't answer, the conversion to his parents answered.

say we do intelligent vidicon, you won't be able to get home as a monitoring center, so we made a face recognition, such as home to the stranger, take a picture, to the owner, so as to improve home safety. Also, the family of children and the elderly living life is not normal, it can be recognized by computer vision identification.

includes the tachograph we recently did, because put a camera in your car, it is not a simple record of the road, but the road to identify the situation, for example, there are a few cars in front of you, you and the car get closer, or which car suddenly drift to you the front, we will make identification.

, of course, our pace did not cross too much, and this year we blindly to the concept of speculation, speculation unmanned, as well as in the manned vehicle can be assisted by some reminder function, users more security. Some time ago, Tesla driverless cars out of the two things in Chinese and the United States, the automotive industry for one hundred years, with its 360 have a common point in these one hundred years they solve the biggest problem, but also the needs of most users, is safe. Unlike us to do a cell phone today, the phone does not crash, we open the battery to restart it, but the problem of 1% of the car can not be out, a problem is a big problem. />

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