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;   tennis world, or the world of the four kings. But the tennis world, it's not just the world of the four kings. A whirlwind of youth is coming. 20 years old, the youth is pressing, not sophisticated and complex, or reckless and edge. The Shanghai masters, the sophistication of invincible, today for a change to see the spring and youth, whom the master mark.

Zvi Lev    " little Del Boerluo "

golden hair, beautiful facial features, nearly 2 meters tall, handsome appearance the German star Alexander Zvi Lev played yesterday ushered fans scream. In the United States and the famous Islamic Nell Zverev contest, with 69 minutes, two straight sets win. />

Curic      " little Djokovic "

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many insiders are arguing, Curic would be the next ruler of men's tennis. Although the next month it will be at least 20 years of age, but the Croatia has a reputation for. Media has been used to add a title to him - "the future of the world's first". to enter the occupation tennis soon, Nadal, Murray, nishikori such giants have Curic is defeated. />

gauffin      " little Agassi "

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height 1.80 meters, weight 68 kg, 90 gauffin body looks like a" physiological defect". But it is this baby faced Belgian teenager, but has the early Western AGA hit, than his tall opponent to mobilize all. Gauffin with his excellent batting skill for all the problems.

gauffin ranking sitting rocket jump up. At the beginning of last season his world ranking is still over 100 this year, his world ranking has been stable in the top 25, showing its rapid progress. The first occupation career highlights Goffin appeared in the 2012 French Open, at that time the "lucky loser" identity must qualify for the race he go all the way, broke into the top sixteen to create a personal best record in Grand slam.

came to the Shanghai masters, gauffin the first round opponent is returned to Del Botero. "He is a worthy opponent, but I will also play to his strengths. I'm not afraid of anyone."   today, 2 more than 1 gauffin Del Botero will be eliminated. Chief reporter

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