Cai Zhenhua for decompression let Gao Hongbo class?

Gao Hongbo finishes class Cai Zhenhua

xinmintiyu· 2016-10-15 10:25:54

Beijing time yesterday, China's charter flights back to Xi'an from Tashkent, disbanded after coach Gao Hongbo alone to take the high-speed rail to return to Beijing. China soccer team defeated Tashkent, Gao Hongbo suddenly announced his resignation, " 1.6;" and for his football coach career, parties mixed. But the core reason for the class is only one: back to lose the "pot"".

; "it is reported that the reason at this time let Gao Hongbo two times after class, because China Football Association also saddled with enormous pressure. Before Gao Hongbo, led the country's foot in the Asian Cup, the East Asian Cup France coach Perrin, has been rumored to be Cai Zhenhua's people". Although Perrin led played a good achievement in the Asian Cup, but when Perrin in the East Asian Cup and led clubbing in the 40 race two China Hongkong qualifying situation juncturethe Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua is in the teeth of the storm.

in the 40 race with only two game situation, Chinese Football Association had won Perrin, gave Gao Hongbo the "opera" the opportunity, this is also saddled with enormous pressure. Not for Perrin, even if Perrin does not qualify can also be a scapegoat; but for Gao Hongbo, once the football association does not qualify China die straws when practice will still be criticized. Fortunately, Gao Hongbo's hard life, well into the final stage of the final winning two World Cup 12 finals.

12 to enter the finals, let the football association was relieved, after all, regardless of whether the national football World Cup, at least can "live" by 2017, Gao Hongbo had a lot of time to prepare. However, from the beginning of September 12 finals, in every game from the Paibingbuzhen Gao Hongbo to match the performance and the final results are questionable. After 4 games won only 1 points, the 12 race has entered the middle stage, the foot does not change, I am afraid that in the early next year to bid farewell to the. And as the Chinese Football Association chairman Cai Zhenhua, it is clear that this is not what he wanted. So let Gao Hongbo once again dismissed, became the best way to ease the country's foot and Cai Zhenhua's own pressure.

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