CBA schedule released for the first time, "Christmas""

CBA race Christmas

PPTVtiyu· 2016-10-15 10:26:45

CBA new season's footsteps getting closer, CBA new season schedule has also been released, 16/17 CBA season will kick off on October 29th by the defending champion Sichuan team in the home court against Beikong team, the new season, cohesion sports will last season the same, will continue to live video CBA the new league season, please pay attention.

format of

season CBA season will still maintain the 38 round, the 20 teams play home and away double cycle, from October 29th after the opening in January 24th next year, the regular season zhanba thirty-first, CBA will enter the Spring Festival truce period, the regular season will be in in February 1st fighting, until the February 19th regular season all over. In addition, the CBA new season's all star weekend will be carried out in January 7th and 8 next year. In addition the new season CBA will be basically a Wednesday, every Wednesday, five, the day of the game, the player's physical fitness may be the test.


war launched the spring festival it is worth mentioning that the new season will be the first launch of the "Spring Festival CBA war", February 1, 2017, is the lunar calendar, Jiangsu Guangsha team and will be a "Spring Festival war", this is the first time in the history of CBA during the Spring Festival for the race.


of the new season several focus of war focus include:

10 30 July first, Xinjiang's home court against the Beijing team;

11 23, tenth round of the finals last season, the sixteenth round replay;

December 11th, Liaoning's home court facing the Beijing team;

for the traditional Guangdong Xinjiang war, scheduled for November 18th the eighth round;

Xinjiang team and the Liaoning team for the first time confrontation, is in the eleventh round of the November 27th. />

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CBA schedule released for the first time, "Christmas""