Forced 55 open, Italy will not play football?


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3-2 reversal, because the lore of the plum to open two degrees

Beijing time on October 10th at 2:45 a.m., the third round World Cup European zone the match started, Italy went away to macedonia. The first half of nice support Komorowski from friezes, Beiernadaisi base using the corner kick opportunity assists Belotti scored his first goal in the second half, nice support Komorowski and Hasani within two minutes into two ball counter ultra score, Candreva two assists yinmobilai save Italy. Style= color: "RGB

opening third minutes, the Macedonian first attack, Nestor Lovskey in the restricted area before the line side wall sends oblique plug, Pandev hint obliquely to kill into the restricted area on the right side of kicker Tui, but Buffon attack promptly closed the ball out of the bottom line.

twenty-third minutes, Bernardet J Ki out of the left corner, the ball came to bypass the precise closed road before, unguarded Belotti ball right foot volley ball Dianshe, near the meteoric goal, "color: 0-1! Italy to break the deadlock on the ground.

fifty-eighth minutes, de Sileo backcourt passes to Nestor Lovskey at the foot of Chanca Bonui near the defensive ball to break through the line in the box, and grab the right tongshe in the corner back against the dimension of Lahti's body, the ball straight up the net, Buffon helpless, "1-1! Macedonia will score.

sixtieth minutes, Nestor Jankulovski road in the raid the ball to Pan Defu on the right side of the rib, which carry the eye observation after cross knock Nestor Lovskey Road, before the back inserted during unloading the ball back against the Bernardet J Ki foot damage, but the ball arrived at the top of the arc Hassanein low shot, "2-1! Macedonia only two minutes of time will be the score back.

seventy-fifth minutes, in front of Italy Road, seek cooperation, Vera Siti Gi cross found the box yinmobilai the latter, stopping mistakes, the ball accidentally came to the right side of the penalty area, Candreva sent forward by Mobilaimen cross, before the fire break, "2-2! Race to return to the same running line.

2-3! Italy complete lore.

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Beijing time on October 10th at 2:45 in the morning, World Cup European zone group G third round match, the Spanish team away to Albania team. The first half, both sides failed to rewrite the score; the second half, Diego Costa shot to break the deadlock, substitute Nuo Lituo to expand the score, Ramos back injury. Style= color: "RGB

the opening sixth minutes, Iniesta precise pick pass found Peake inside the area, the chest to unload the ball to hold each other back in the restricted area on the right side of her fire, the ball sliding over the left column.

eighteenth minutes, Silva left the area after the break through to the rib angle selection cross knock road in Tiago. The box does not stop directly again to knock, Vitolo ball tuishe goal right corner, Berisha completed a flying God class saves to stretch the ball seal the bottom line.

fifty-fourth minutes, Berisha teammate pass back after Bigfoot mistakes, the ball fell to the front at the foot of Vitolo, the latter slightly observation of sending deadly Zhise, Silva into the box after the selection of selfless cross road, follow one after another Costa easily push Kongmen network, 0-1! Spain finally broke the deadlock.

sixty-second minutes, Spain road continuous conduction by Silva after the ball left side to find Monreal the latter, knocking the ball to Nolito before, just substitute the matador front soon will subtly ball over Hisai's defense in a small area on the left tuishe easily, "span style=" color: RGB (255, 0, 0); >0-2! Spain continues to expand the lead.

eightieth minutes, Ramos in a contested landing when he hurt his knee. Then he motioned cannot continue to match, Martinez stepped off the bench.

Sports express
Marca: Ramos was injured, could be sidelined for a month

in a war with Albania, Spain after Sergio Moss was injured, according to the latest news, the player may be sidelined for a month. Style= line-height: "25.6px

Ramos truce for a month. It means that he will miss the Premier League with Bettis,, Eli Gane J and Alves, and missed the Champions League with the Warsaw. Well, Ramos will be back in November 20th when Real Madrid against the horse. Ramos in the recovering period, Pepe and Valane will be the Real Madrid defender.

late + poor performance may be removed from the starting lineup Deschamps Pogba

GFFN reports according to the French, French coach Didier Deschamps was seriously considering to Pogba scored from the starting lineup. The game with Holland Kanter might take his place.

the international competition on the relationship with the nervous Deschamps bogeba late on Thursday, Manchester United midfielder report to training camp, which makes him very dissatisfied with deschamps. In the game with Bulgaria, the performance of the performance is not satisfactory, he was in the defensive midfield position performance of the lack of vitality, efficiency is not high.

so, Deschamps will consider whether Kanter replaces Pogba as the first quarter in earnest next time. From the European Cup to the present, Pogba has not been in the national team to come up with a convincing performance.

according to "the market" and a number of media reports in Italy, Shanghai Shen flower and Shandong Luneng are deliberately introduced into Croatia star Man Giulia Kikki. Man Giulia Kikki has received more than one from the China Club rich offer, among them, Shanghai Shenhua lead the battle for Man Giulia Kikki, Man Giulia Kikki offered a salary of about 8 million euros, for a period of 4 years of the lucrative contract. Juventus have told Man Giulia Kikki that he was ready to leave for next January. Juventus for Man Giulia Kikki marked the reserve price is 15 million euros transfer fee. Croatia media "jutarnji" said that if Man Giulia Kikki to play in China, then he is likely to exceed Samir, Modri, becoming the world's highest income Croatia players.

Peake announced after the 2018 World Cup

win over Albania in Spain 2-0 the end of the game, the Spanish team defender Peake has announced a shocking incident, the is he in 2018 after the end of the world cup from the Spanish national team. />

to the 2018 World Cup, Peake is only 31 years old, for a central defender, this age is not large, and even can be said is in the golden age, but Peake chose to quit the national team at this time.

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