Transfer of cadres to enroll their children in high school in Fuzhou city as a demonstration station

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· 2016-04-25 13:31:19

< p > < strong > Eastern theater army and Fuzhou city hand in hand break over cadres' children education problem

< p > 11 name "army baby" into read resident quality school

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< p class = "pictext align =" center "> transfer to Qiantang primary school in the city of Fuzhou military baby happily go to school.

Qiaoquan Lai photo reporter Wang Guoqing, special correspondent Huang Jiandong reported: "going to school!" April 11, early in the morning, Qiqi, the son of the eastern theater Army Political Work Department Director Cai Renjie, face bright into Fuzhou Qiantang school attended. Like Qiqi, a total of 11 "army baby" Eastern theater army authorities, from former resident of Nanjing, Lanzhou, Shenyang into Fuzhou teaching conditions are relatively good school enrolled. The eastern army and Fuzhou together to solve the problem of children's education over cadres, let the soldiers prepare to join a strong army houguwuyou.

"zaikuzailei are not afraid, afraid of children affected by education." Cai Renjie told reporters, Qiantang school in Fuzhou is a prestigious school, has been named in Fujian Province, the first batch of key primary school, School of civilization, education and teaching demonstration window school, really did not expect the military refitted yourself just transferred to work in Fuzhou, children will be able to enter such high school enrolled, the original heart of stone to fall to the ground. < p < p > "their children to school problems, is the minds of cadres was big and difficult is related to the reform and strengthening of the armed forces and the combat effectiveness of troops promotion, to find ways to solve." Eastern theater Army Political Work Department, said the leadership of the theater army has just set up the army, most of the cadres from the original resident of Nanjing, Lanzhou, Shenyang and other transferred to Fuzhou, the actual difficulties of children's schooling is more prominent. In order to better improve their services. They specialize in arranging staff of the school children of cadres demand thoroughly, actively with the relevant departments of Fuzhou City Liaison and coordination, trying to make "over" over the children of cadres can enjoy high quality education. < p > Fuzhou city government leaders received reflect the troops, consciously establish and strengthen the overall concept, the support for the deepening of the reform of national defense and the armed forces as a fair share of things, to proceed immediately to arrange education department in conjunction with the troops of related to the quality of school education, enrollment capacity, road distance content to fully demonstrate, take practical action to support the reform of the army. They according to the relative concentration, nearby principle, put a small cadre children scribing to Qiantang school, Gulou, Pingtung school teaching quality better schools, also issued a special regulations make a clear specification.

"teshiteban, right away." According to the eastern theater army authorities set up soon, family account Suiqian still need the actual transition, Fuzhou City Department of education does not push not to tow, teshiteban, first school, in accordance with the handling of school way, first received 11 "army baby" entrance, an effective solution to the cadres after Gu sorrow, allow officers to concentrate on to join the training to prepare.