HUAWEI released the first domestic Android7.0 applications compatible with the report

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anzhuozhongwenwang· 2016-10-15 11:08:55

[Android] today HUAWEI EMUI official micro released the country's first Android 7 application compatibility report, covering thousands of typical applications. It is reported that the use of this test is the HUAWEI foundry 6P Nexus phone, the results show that 83% compatible, 17% is not compatible, not compatible with the biggest reason is the application of reinforcement, followed by Google rights changes.

said HUAWEI has informed the application vendors not compatible, which will be airing in his next report.

, of course, may also be concerned about the user is also concerned about the arrival of Android 7 based EMUI, according to the media before the news broke, may be related to the new Mate phone (October at the end of S2 11/12, Mate month Mate 9) debut.

earlier, HUAWEI P9 Beta EMUI version 5 (Android based N) was leaked on the Internet, as the first edition, HUAWEI can use more sophisticated menu to see, navigation, time axis module continues to strengthen, immersed in the status bar, Material Design everywhere. />

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