Different brands of electric cars were stolen, was the same as a key......

Electric car key

diandongcheshangqing· 2016-10-15 11:10:56

Liu Po police station also received two electric vehicle theft alarm call, then the police began the investigation on this matter, the surveillance video showed two people did not leave the electric car the village, since then did not leave, why not?

after inspection, found two owner parked downstairs is the other side of the car, is clearly a misunderstanding, so why others will be in their own car downstairs, and his car was also be ride away? After the survey found that, because the day is cloudy and rainy weather, coupled with one of the cars will be used to lend friends, and friends do not distinguish between true and false electric car ride back, and his car was left at home. In the final analysis of the reasons is actually style= color: "RGB : two different brands of electric vehicles, the car keys are exactly the same!

it is this approximately, but behind this thing is to let people daydream. Lock with two different brands of electric vehicles have the same. Presumably the electric vehicle manufacturers supporting the practice is very defective. As we know, the key and the lock is supposed to be the one and only, regardless of the car keys, or key, this is for a protection of the rights and interests of consumers, and this thing let everyone see, supporting this behavior is not worthy of praise.

for electric vehicle enterprises, when the electric vehicle supporting business will choose carefully, want to use spare parts for their vehicle to add luster, but for supporting manufacturers, in vehicle manufacturers supply at the same time, there are many industries responsible for matching supply dealers responsibility.

the event may be two electric cars are all original accessories, there may be later in the local new replacement parts, no matter how, indeed is not a glorious thing happened!

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