If the Chinese team into the world cup...

China team the world cup

ouzhouzuqiuluntan· 2016-10-15 11:11:01

the sky was dark clouds Cang Liao plug only little gap, quiet drums hopping on the sporadic rain, who Hengdao immediately, then looked at the shadow blazing with anger, standing was rushing there thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers.

10 6 months, Chinese against the World Cup Asian Division twelve finals of the third opponents, Syria. The five-star red flag, with infinite passion and cry, fluttering in the stadium of Shaanxi province upwind, but it is greatly disappointed. 0:1 lose the game, the cold score, but the score is more cold than the fans the whole game is full of hot passion of the heart. Style= text-align: "justify

2002 world cup of joy has not faded in memory, Chinese football has bid farewell to the world cup more than a dozen spring and autumn. At last, with a sigh of happiness. Two post, I feel sorry, the nine goal, becomes the lingering nightmare China team only world cup journey. At that time the country foot, daring Ganpin, even if fall, and die on the battlefield, with a smile. Style=

just why often with tears in my eyes, because I love this land deeply; why my ears often abuse and ridicule of the team, because we love the broken heart. I want to see you again in the world cup, in your lifetime.

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I would not change the castle,

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I wish Chinese team in the world cup once again left deep review.

1.6;" do you think those years, those who have been China fans, love and hate, always never abandon, the night waiting at her around.

if China team into the world cup, do you think those years, those Chinese, despite events not related to an armchair, though sometimes sorrow blame, but to a critical moment, or China football is inexhaustible applause.

if China team into the world cup, whether you will think of those years, the China football, struggling in the loss and grief, slowly grew up in the incentive and abuse in.

if China team into the world cup, will you remember, in those years, those Chinese players, maybe they limited technology, perhaps their body unbearable, but his heart is not the slightest false sincere heart.

if China team into the world cup, will you remember, in those years, the five-star red flag, although she was a long time before flying in the world cup, but she always turned into a fiery flame, burning every Chinese blood, wash every Chinese chest.

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