The battle of Xisha veteran recalled Dabao shook the ear envy now the new naval gun

Gun veteran battle of Xisha the Liberation Army Daily ears

· 2016-04-25 13:31:22

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< p > < strong > -- South Sea fleet a guard ship brigade invitation of South of China War veterans say history army sidelights

< p > Cai Shengqiu reporter Shi Ruining < p < p > April, a naval base in coconut palms, the South China Sea fleet frigate brigade ships, new warships perked.

"welcome to the old hero home!" Soldiers in the warm applause, participated in the 7 veterans of the battle of Xisha with excitement to port.

"salute!" With a sound short, strong password, veterans in Suqian ship officers and soldiers of the visual, walked slow but powerful step, climbed to the top of the ramp, boarded the flight deck.

"this is a type of naval gun......" Although the battle of the past 42 years, but the heart has not extinguished veterans, they listened intently to see.

"well, than we then manually 85 mm gun more!" Wang Junming old man stroked the gun, loud shouts of applause. < p > when the Xisha sea battle at the beginning, JUNN Ming Wang will be to the superb technology and extraordinary courage, commanding 85 mm gun first hit, the enemy with superior weaponry and lose the ability to fight back. Later, the sudden failure of the gun, Wang Junming made a switch to manual continuous firing, hit the target. Until the battle space, he found that the blood was bubbling out from his ears......

can fight, win the war is the military mission! No matter how the army reform, this one will never change!" After listening to Wang Lao tells, standing at the side of the 90 gun artillery Xu excitedly said: "in the spring tide of reform and strengthening efforts to improve quality, acquired the ability to win, in the future, once on the battlefield, but also as its predecessor had not afraid of bloodshed..." < p < p > heard a column mounted near Suqian ship just with honors completed training assessment, old signalers Zhao Lirong recalled the events of the past. That year, Luzhou boat had just finished training in basic subjects rushed to the Xisha sea. In battle, the front of the ship is damaged and the electric rudder is out of control...... Although the test, but they always take the dauntless spirit and the enemy of wits, win the final victory.

"now more and more advanced equipment, the quality of military personnel requirements are also getting higher and higher. I hope you in the tide of reform of the army to make new contributions!" Said Zhao Lirong, the old man.

"reform army, you need to have the revolutionary predecessors that shares are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of death, aggressive spirit......" Around the veteran's story, the officers and men launched a warm discussion. Captain Xiao Bo Xu said that by veterans of the "advise", originally buried in the depths of the history of the war story "live" up, further ignite the enthusiasm of officers and men of the army.

("jiefangjun Bao" in 2016 04 26 August 04 Edition)